Perfect Accessory for your Kensington SD4700P Docking Station.

Despite my love for Apple Products and other computer branded tech, dongles are a bit ridiculous.  To have full access to a portable computer, you need to either buy USB-A or USB-C adapters or a docking station/hub.  Unless you want to carry around numerous cables such as Ethernet adapters, HDMI adapters, USB-A adapters, USB-C adapters, Lightning adapters, Micro USB adapters, SD card adapters, Display port Adapters, SD card adapters, etc., get a docking station like the Kensington SD4700P to fulfill most of your needs.  Although a bit pricey, by the time you account for several $20-40 cables, you likely purchased the Kensington Docking station already.  Perfect for a USB-C powered MacBook Pro, the Kensington SD4700P docking station may not allow you to charge other brands of laptops.  With a variety of power options on the market, several brands use proprietary AC adapter tips.  To solve this problem, Kensington provides a multi-tip power splitter for you to purchase as an added upgrade. 

The Kensington 60W 3.0 Power Splitter for SD4700P arrived in a 4 7/8 inches long by 3 3/4 inches wide by 1 3/4 inches tall tan cardboard box.  Similar to the SD4700P device that I reviewed previously, the packaging left a little to be desired.  Other than the 3 7/8 inches wide by 3 5/16 inches tall sticker on the main panel, the remainder of the packaging was left unadorned.  Examining the sticker, you will find the Kensington name along the top left, the “60W USB 3.0 Power Splitter for SD4700P” name just below the company name, and then an SKU barcode/K38310NA number.  You will find typical product manufacturing labels, company addresses, and the Made in China tag along the bottom of the panel.  Along the right side of the panel, you will find a small diagram of the included products.  

Lifting the lid, I was greeted to a ten-panel instruction manual and two cardboard compartments.  I found a ziplock bag with various tips within the upper cardboard compartment, and within the lower compartment, the power splitter and cable management clips inside a ziplock bag.  I removed the red plastic covering from the splitter and found a 2 3/4 inches tall by 1 3/8 inches wide by 11/16 inches thick black cylinder with Kensington etched into the surface.  Along the distal end of the splitter, the company provided a power input port.  Along the opposing end of the cylinder, you will find two cables: 1. A 19 1/2 inches long AC adapter plug. 2. A 38 inches long multi-prong adapter.  I turned next to the instruction manual and found several useful tidbits of information.  The second panel provided a table that detailed the type of tip and the associated device: A: most laptops. B: Dell. D1: Lenovo. H: HP. I: HP. G: Acer. M: Dell. O: ASUS. The fourth panel showed the cable straps and their intended purpose to carry a few extra tips that you might use.

To use the power splitter, first find and attach the necessary tip for your computer onto the multi-tip prong.  Next, plug the installed tip into your computer and the other end into the SD4700P hub.  Lastly, plug the power adapter that came with the SD4700P into the end of the Kensington 60W Cylinder Power Splitter to power your entire setup.  You can then attach the hub to your computer through the USB-A or USB-C port on the Kensington SD4700P hub.  It is important to note that this setup will not allow you to charge two computers at once.  Instead, its purpose is to negate the frustrating need to carry several power adapters.  Essentially creating a universal power supply, the Power Splitter provided a much-needed enhancement to the SD4700P.  I felt a little frustrated that this required an extra add-on expense. Instead, it should have been an accessory inside of the SD4700P box.  If your computer/device is USB-C powered, you do not need this device.  However, suppose you have multiple setups, with various laptops (work/home/etc.). In that case, the splitter will allow you to power your desired machine and still enjoy the immense benefits of the SD4700P docking station.

The combo of the SD4700P and Power Splitter may be the perfect Christmas gift for that tech aficionado in your life.  However, if I had one Kensington request, I would ask for a travel carry bag/pouch for the SD4700P and accessories.  I know that I am not alone in my love for tech organizations.  The splitter and bar of extra tips will get misplaced or, if simply thrown into a bag, will fall off and get lost.  For this purpose, I have turned to Amazon and found several BUBM bags that suited my needs.  I know it is an extra expense, but this will save you from countless moments of frustration down the line.  Get the organizer bag, organize your electronics, and typical everyday carry (EDC), and never search for that cable, attachment, or needed power tip again. If looking for a stocking stuffer, a gift under the tree, a birthday present, or just need an option to enjoy a docking station with a non-USB-C powered computer, the Kensington 60W USB 3.0 Power Splitter plus the SD4700P Docking stations are the devices you need. 

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