The case is the perfect compliment for the new MacBook Pro.

A few years back, I decided to start protecting my MacBook Pro with a hard shell case. This was a decision that I had some reluctance about because it added quite a bit of weight. At the time, I had a 2011 15-inch MacBook Pro. Prior to that, I had a white MacBook, which was darn near indestructible. When I found myself with an aluminum body laptop, I suddenly because more aware of scratches and dings that were frequently happening as a result of regular daily use. Some people can go without exterior protection because they don’t actually use the laptop as a mobile workstation.

I was traveling to and from work every single day with the laptop. It was going in and out of a laptop bag that had a zipper. Scratches were a daily occurrence. I found that the only way I could prevent such damage was to encase the machine with a hard shell case or cover. I continued this practice until I just happened to find myself with a new 2016 MacBook Pro with TouchBar. I fell instantly in love with the sleek design of the new MacBook Pro but was very nervous about using it away from my home office. I immediately turned to Amazon for a new case that would not only protect the laptop, but it would also be a compliment to the awesome design of the computer. I found the KEC MacBook Pro Case.

KEC MacBook Pro Case REVIEW

The cover is a hard shell case that features a cut-out design around the Apple logo and it allows users to open and close their laptop all the way. The case is made from plastic and has an awesome design on the top half that contains a layer of rubber oil paint for a smooth rubberized exterior texture. It prevents fingerprints and creates a bit of friction for your fingers to cling to when you carry the computer from place to place. There are four rubberized feet that keep your laptop secure on most surfaces and the bottom also has air vents cut out so that heat is dispersed correctly. The case is very slim and adds very little bulk to your slim laptop.

KEC MacBook Pro Case REVIEW

I briefly touched on this in the description, but one of the features that really drew me to this particular case is that there are more than 30 different designs on the top cover of the case. I chose the one called “Night Dream” because it has some vibrant colors and it depicts part of the galaxy. I was concerned at first that maybe the design would wear off the more I used the case, but it’s stayed warm and colorful and hasn’t worn down any in the couple of weeks I’ve been using the case.

KEC MacBook Pro Case REVIEW

The case was easy to install and its pretty standard for anyone who is familiar with how covers are placed onto laptops. The base of the case slides on from the back and then snaps into place on the front. KEC designed the case to have total cutouts for the ports on both sides for ease of use. The top of the case also just snaps into place around its four corners. Now, one of the trickiest things about ordering a cover for your laptop is making sure you get the correct size for your model. One of the things I really liked about the KEC case is that they included the model number on their ordering options. This was a HUGE help because I wasn’t guessing what year/laptop size I was using — I knew 100% that I was getting the correct case for my model.

KEC MacBook Pro Case REVIEW

The KEC MacBook Pro Case is really a unique option for a protective case for the MacBook Pro. I can recommend it to any user that wants to keep their computer in pristine condition.


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