Enjoy the stylish, strong and superior quality of the Kanex Duraflex USB Cable with Lightning Connector.

It seems easy to get excited about the latest and greatest of the tech gadgets.  Unless you buy the Nintendo NEW 3DS XL, your tech will come with a branded power cable.  If you live solely at home, you likely need only a single cable.  The dilemma begins when we want to charge our device in the car, at work and/or on the go.  Whether you are interested in a lightning cable, a USB-micro or USB-C, there are numerous options, sometimes good and sometimes atrocious.  Personally, with the prices of our gear, it makes no sense to scrimp and buy subpar charging cables.  I have tested non-MFi cables and had them essentially melt during usage.  It is true that the name brand cables can be more expensive than some of the third party cables.  Just like you have experienced time and again, you often get what you pay for.

I was introduced to Kanex at CES 2017, in Las Vegas Nevada.  One of their latest devices is the Duraflex Premium USB Cable with Lightning Connector.  The product arrived in a small white cardboard box, measuring 4″ wide by 5 1/8″ tall by 1″ thick.  The front magnetic flap displays the cable connections and an up close view of the DuraFlex cable.  The cable is listed as a very reasonable 4 foot/1.2 meters in length and has the MFi (Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad log along the bottom.  I was very pleased to see the logo on the cover.  Opening the flap, you will immediately see a clear window displaying the aluminum housing of both the lightning and USB-A end.  The premium cable is made of flexible metal, which is designed to survive everyday use.  It is promised to never fray, nor tangle.  Reviewing the back of the packaging, you will notice additional information about the Apple certification and the tangle free build.

Duraflex connection

Within the packaging, you will find a clear plastic blister pack with the 4-foot cable.  The version that was sent to me, for review, was the Space Gray Colored cable.  The cable feels cool and slick to the touch.  The DuraFlex enclosure is essentially a long metallic spring that is coiled around a rubberized inner core.  When you pull on the USB-A or Lightning connections, the Duraflex enclosure will expand.  This takes the strain off the inner core and places it upon the metallic shell.  When it comes to design, the system is rather ingenious. I am a huge fan of the darker metallic DuraFlex coloration and the lighter aluminum connectors.  The Lightning end is rounded, rather than boxy, very similar to the branded Apple cables.  This provides a great fit for nearly every case you can imagine, even tighter cases like Catalyst and Lifeproof.

Kanex Duraflex stretch

It may not seem that there is much to say about a cable, and for many, that may be the case.  The DuraFlex USB Cable from Kanex is well built and will serve you well for your charging and data syncing needs.  The connection end housing for both USB A and lightning are incredibly secure and will not pull off.  I bent the connection point ends back and forth a total of 50 times each and there was no sign of wear or tear.  The slick coating does a good job preventing tangling, whether it is in your pocket or in your bag.  If you are not happy with the dark coloration, perhaps the Silver, Gold, Rose Gold or Matte Black would be a better fit for you.

I would rate the cable at 5/5 based on the quality of build and MFi certification.  The price is reasonable for a 4 Foot MFi certified cable.

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