Charge your Apple Watch with first class accommodations using the Kanex extra long Apple Watch charging cable.

This past weekend, my wife, four children, and I traveled from Carbondale, Illinois to Chicago, Illinois via Amtrak. Similar to air travel, we had to pack and carry our own gear throughout the terminal and onto/off the train. Even though we only planned a short weekend excursion, we still had a lot of gear to carry. I personally had my iPad Pro 10.5 inch, iPhone XS Max, Apple Watch Series 4 and a few days of clothing to carry within my backpack. To keep my gear charged, I brought an iClever dual port USB charger (IC-WB21W), an Apple 1 meter USB-A to lightning cable and a new Kanex DuraBraid Apple Watch charger.

Kanex DuraBraid Apple Watch Charger REVIEW

The Kanex DuraBraid Premium Apple Watch Magnetic Charger arrived in a 4 inches wide by 5 1/8 inches tall by 1 1/2 inches thick retail package.  The main cover displayed a shiny, glossy, slightly-raised, obliquely angled image of the black DuraBraid cable.  Along the bottom of the cover, I was excited to see the Made for Apple watch logo and the bold black KANEX name.  The product title was proudly listed along the top left directly flanked by a yellow box detailing the 9.9FT, 3M, Extra Long cable. The right side panel provided a useful listing of the compatible Apple watches (1st Generation and Series 1-4) and a QR code.  The left side panel listed the one-year warranty and a description of the packaged device.  The rear panel ended up being the most useful of them all, combining the same DuraBraid cable description as the left panel, the same length data and “Made for Apple Watch” information as the cover.  However, the panel also described the rugged cable design, and “Mansplained” the meaning of Apple Watch Certified.  The best aspect of the rear panel was the 1 5/16 inches wide by 2 3/16 inches tall clear window, which acted as a display case.  The lower panel provided many of the typical product manufacturing labels and legal disclaimers. 

Kanex DuraBraid Apple Watch Charger REVIEW

Within the box, Kanex provided a 1/2 inches thick by 1 1/4 inches diameter white Apple charger with 118 inches long braided cable. The braided 1/8 inches diameter cable was well designed and quite rigid. Between the cable and the black plastic surrounding the Apple Watch charger, you will find a 1/2 inches long junctional section. Gripping the Apple charger and the cable, I bent the cable forward and backward twenty-five times each way (up/down and side-to-side). Each time, the cable bounced back to the original configuration and showed no evince of wear or tear. The USB-A end did not get the same extended collar as the Apple charger end, with a small 3/16 inches long cable junction point. Despite the inclusion of a small wire twist tie, I would have loved a velcro cable tie to extend/reduce the available length of cable.

Kanex DuraBraid Apple Watch Charger REVIEW

While on the train, I plugged my AUKEY AMP 56.5W Dual USB Wall Charger into the 120V train outlets and then plugged the USB-A prong of the Kanex Durabraid into the USB A port of the charger. I enjoyed the ability to use the wall charger as a portable table to charge my Apple Watch Series 4. The magnetic attachment point bound securely to the Apple Watch and allowed me to charge my watch in style. When I returned home, the three-meter cable worked perfectly on my bedside table and to safely reach from the wall outlet to the surface of my Nook Stand up Desk. The black braided cable, coupled with the black plastic shell, starkly contrasted the white Apple Charger. From a strictly aesthetic perspective, I liked the color variety. The Kanex braided Apple Watch charger was capable of maximally charging my Apple Watch Series 4, provided a more rigid cable material than a standard Apple charging cable, provided a longer reach than a standard Apple cable and did so with style.

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