Fast Charge your gear with the Kanex 27W GoPower Car Charger.  Arrive at your destination with more power.

As a Xennial, I had the luxury of growing up in an evolving landscape.  Sarah Stankorb coined this term “Xennial” in 2014 to refer to the gap generation born between 1977 and 1993.  As a Xennial, I knew a time before modern electronics and yet I was able to grow up alongside the digital world.  My children have never known a time without iPads, Smartphones, Smart Assistants, gaming systems or a time without so many other things to constantly grab their attention.  As our technology expanded, our needs for charging expanded also.  Multi-USB Hubs adorn many desks, as our USB devices vie for charging real estate.  Our cars have fared no better.  The cigarette lighter from afore has been repurposed as a 12V accessory outlet and now we can keep our devices powered, on-the-go.

The Kanex GoPower USB-C Car charger arrived in a sleek 5 1/8 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 1 3/8 inches thick white retail package.  The clean white background served as a perfect backdrop for the black and gold device radiating from the center.  The black text of the “Kanex” Logo on the bottom right, the “USB Certified 27W Charger” in vivid black and red and the GoPower title at the top also benefited from the beautiful white canvas.  The cover was laid out very well, gaining lifelike quality from the showcased GoPower image.  The yellow informational thought bubble, accented with a “Fast” speedometer, skillfully detailed the ability to charge the iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus up to 50% in 30 minutes.  Rotating the packaging ninety degrees clockwise, Kanex provided an informational QR code, detailed the 1-Year Limited Warranty and the compatibility with all USB powered devices.  The opposing side panel detailed the charging specifications of the dual outlet Car Charger.  The USB-A port was capable of providing 5V/1A (5W) output and the USB-C outlet port 5V/3A, 9V3A and 12V/2.25A (27W).  The rear of the packaging provided additional information about the USB Power Delivery/Fast charge, and the ability to simultaneously charge two devices.  If you look carefully at the bottom, you will find a disclaimer stating that you will need to purchase an Apple USB-C to USB-A cable to obtain the fast charging.

Most modern car 12V DC accessory outlets are capable of supplying 15A, 180W output, based on 15A fuses.  This is not true of all cars, as some have 20A fuses and others have 10A fuses.  Regardless of the output, it does not make sense to have a single USB outlet in a 12V 10-20A capable accessory outlet, in 2018.  Kanex capitalized on this concept with their 0.9-ounce dual output adapter.  The 2 7/8 inches long by 1 1/8 inches diameter device was shaped like a standard 12V car accessory outlet adaptor.  On either end, you have the negative polarity wings and at the tip, you have the positive polarity spring.  Surrounding the USB end of the GoPower Adapter, Kanex chose to use a copper colored accent ring instead of a solid black device.  I appreciated the touch of class and felt that this enhanced the quality of the product.  Some may dislike the less tactical look and others may appreciate the accent.  Regardless, the adaptor should fit into standard 12V outlets and thus should universally fit any car with an accessory outlet.  Installation could not have been any easier.  To install the device, simply press the device into the outlet until you meet the slightest resistance and you are done. Once properly installed, a small white/blue LED will illuminate towards the upper outer edge of the device (your left).  All but 1 1/4 inch of the device will rest within your dash and you will basically see the USB-C port, USB-A port and the copper ring with white “Kanex” labeled upon it.  The design was simple, yet elegant.

To test the output of the ports, I used a DROK USB-C LCD Multimeter.  To start, I plugged the USB-A end of the multimeter into the lower USB-A port and then a standard 2 meter Apple USB-A to lightning cable into the multimeter and into my iPhone X.  With the Chevy Silverado idling, the multimeter read 4.9V/0.96A=4.7 Watts.  I found that I was able to generate about 1% power every 2-3 minutes using this output port.  I also found that I would slowly lose power if using my phone and charging at the same time.  I next moved to the USB C output.  Plugging the USB-C end of the multimeter into the USB-C outlet, and then a USB-C to Lightning cable between the multimeter and my iPhone X, the current increased to 5.25V/1.93A or 10 Watts. The iPhone X was able to capture more than twice the wattage and thus more power to charge.  The net result was an increased charging rate to 1% power per minute.  Interestingly, this rate improved further when my iPhone X was closer to 0% charge.  The packaging claimed it could charge my device up to 50% power in 30minutes. To be able to generate that rate of power, the outlet would need approximately 18+W of power.  The Kanex GoPower device was capable of this power, especially when my iPhone was at low power.

With my Chevy Silverado idling, I plugged my iPhone X into the DROK USB-C LCD Multimeter.  Starting at 79% power, my phone had increased from 79-85% in ten minutes.  I ran my phone back down to 79% and repeated the test with the USB-A plug and a standard 2 meter USB A to lightning cable.  After 10 minutes, the phone increased from 79-83%.   Both tests were completed with my truck idling and both were completed with my phone in sleep mode.  It may not seem like much, but when I repeated the test while utilizing the phone (Audible), the results showed 79-86% and 79-80% respectively.  The ~1A charge did not really keep up with the drain during use.  It slowed the drain on the battery but really not enough to actually charge the phone.  For my next test, I charged my iPad 10.5″ pro from 50% to 70% from 7:12 am to 7:36 am.  During this charging period, the DROK USB-C multimeter registered 12.1V, 2.02A, 24.4W.  I was pleased with the rate of charge.

GoPower in action
For my final test, I wanted to prove the 50% power in 30-minute promise.  With my iPhone X starting at 7% at 5:44 PM, I plugged the USB-C to lightning cable into the iPhone X/DROK device.   At 6:06 PM the phone registered 42%, at 6:21 PM it was at 60% and at 6:36 PM the phone was at 76% charge.  Interestingly, while the phone was about 50%, the DROK device registered 5V but it was at 12.1V when charging at lower power.  The 17.4W output truly provided a rapid charge for my iPhone X and iPad.  The Kanex device has built-in safeguards for your device and will help to keep your devices charged longer.  Additionally, the iPhone has internal circuits to pull the appropriate amount of current.  It will pull more current at lower battery levels to increase the charge faster.  I was pleased with the overall testing and appearance of the device.  I would recommend this device to everyone with Fast-Charge-Capable devices.  Charge your USB-C devices such as Nintendo Switch or even your new MacBook Pro with this device or enjoy speedier charging with the iPhone X and iPads. I would rate the device 5/5 stars.

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