A nice option for fill light, but can’t stand alone.

When you are taking photographs, the only thing more important than your camera equipment is the lighting you use. Given that we capture sometimes hundreds of product photos a day, we have a small tabletop studio setup specifically for that purpose. A big part of that setup is an overhead hanging light in a softbox. It provides a nice, soft light that spills out across the white box. Even though this setup has a lot of good light, we occasionally add supplemental lighting like this Dimmable Camera Light from Kamisafe.


The Kamisafe Ultra Thin Dimmable Camera Light is an LED photo light panel with an adjustable color temperature range of 3200-6200K. The camera light adopts the newest LED honeycomb style and comes equipped with a hot shoe mount adapter. The light supports two different types of power input — an AC power adapter (provided) or a Lithium battery (fits NP-F550/F750/F960 series batteries). There is a small LCD display on the back of the light that shows the brightness, color temperature, and battery percentage.

Kamisafe Ultra Thin Dimmable Camera Light REVIEW

The light itself is fairly compact measuring only 195mm x 130 mm x 25 mm. I’ve used smaller light panels before, but the size of this one is still small enough to pack away into my camera bag easily. It only weighs 270 grams, which isn’t a lot more than my iPhone X. The brightness range can be adjusted 10%-100% and it has a maximum brightness illuminance of 987LM/0.5m, 810LM/0.5m.

User Experience

The light ships in a very nondescript brown cardboard box. There is no information or branding stamped on the outside of the package and on the inside of the box you will find the light panel, an AC power adapter, user manual, and hot shoe mount. There are a few things I would have liked to see packaged alongside the light. First, the power adapter’s cord was very short. It was, in fact, too short to me to use on our photography table. I’m happy that Kamisafe included the power adapter, but would really love it if a longer cord was provided.

Second, while the hot shoe mount is very well made and sturdy, I think Kamisafe would have done well to include a small tripod. I have several fold-up, tabletop tripods, but some users may not. Even though it’s made to be used on top of a camera, I used it several times as fill light for my tabletop studio and in those cases, the light was used on top of a tripod. It was very helpful, I think it completes the package.

Kamisafe Ultra Thin Dimmable Camera Light REVIEW

Finally, the LED panel is compatible with portable batteries. As I mentioned above, the power adapter has a short cable and as a result, we had to order a compatible battery to use it comfortably. I do recommend that anyone who invests in this light panel also invest in a battery for it because it makes it so much easier to use on the go. Unfortunately, for me, it did not use the same batteries as my camera, but depending on what you use, you may not need to order a new battery.

As far as photographic experience goes, the light is easy to use. You connect your chosen power source and then switch on the power. Then, you adjust the brightness by turning the knob to the left or right. If you want to adjust the color temperature, you can press the knob in and turn to change it. As I described, I used this panel light as fill light and I feel that while it works really well for that purposes, I think that it wouldn’t have enough power to light an entire portrait.

Kamisafe Ultra Thin Dimmable Camera Light REVIEW


It’s always good to have a supplementary option for lighting. You can’t always depend on available or ambient light to get the shot you want. This LED panel serves to fill that purpose. It’s lightweight and pushes out enough light to support your shot. For around $35, you really can’t beat this product.