A portable, capable tripod with some room for improvement.

It’s important to recognize the details in every little job that comes your way. Sometimes you can take care of a careful video job as a handheld job. Other times, you really need to have a tripod to steady your shot. For those times, I would recommend finding an easy to use a tabletop tripod that can be used for a variety of different shots — just like this one from Kamisafe.


This portable, foldable tabletop tripod is made from durable aluminum and has a 1/4”-screw ball head that is suitable for camcorders, digital cameras, and smartphones (with a mount). There is a smartphone mount included with the tripod that will work with smaller mobile phones (2.2-3.3 inches in size). It’s very easy to carry around at only 0.75lbs (without phone clip). Even with its slim profile, the tripod can hold up to 6.6 lbs in camera weight.

Kamisafe Portable Tabletop Tripod REVIEW

User Experience

This tabletop tripod arrived in fairly simple plastic packaging. It is the type that fits the form of the product inside. There was a cardboard backing included that showed simple instructions/diagrams for how to use the tripod. The odd thing about this packaging is that it is labeled “FOTOFANS” and not Kamisafe. This is the same for the tripod itself. “FOTOFANS” is stamped on the side of the tripod shaft. It was easy enough to unpack the tripod and get started with it. It comes packaged with a nylon carrying pouch and a smartphone mount for the tripod. Unfortunately, the pouch is not large enough for the smartphone mount. 

The tripod has a twist/lock mechanism which you must unlock in order to fold down the legs. When you do, you have the option of letting them stay flat on the table at a 90º angle or resting more traditionally at about a 45º angle. At the bottom of the tripod is another locking mechanism that prevents the legs from folding up while you are using the tripod. 

Kamisafe Portable Tabletop Tripod REVIEW

One thing to note here is that when the tripod is standing on its feet, there are rubber coverings, which is great for protecting surfaces from unwanted damage. When you have the legs at a 90º angle, there is no covering on the outside of the legs. They are, in fact, rounded so that they fold up into the body of the tripod comfortably. This means that when you fold the legs out in the manner, that metal is resting on your tabletop. 

While this seems like a fairly functional, cost-effective tabletop tripod, I did find the production quality a bit substandard. For starters, the smartphone mount snapped at its base when I was examining it directly after I removed it from its packaging. Second, I found some dried glue at where the leg and the rubber feet met. To me, this is just an example of poor attention to detail. Aside from those couple of issues, I thought that the materials used for the construction of the tripod were a good choice. It’s lightweight, but not too lightweight. I felt that my iPhone was well-suited for this tabletop tripod, but anything more than that (or a small camera/camcorder) would be too heavy for this tripod. This would NOT work with a DSLR. 

Kamisafe Portable Tabletop Tripod REVIEW


I’ve had the opportunity to work with many different styles of tabletop/mini tripods. As far as design goes, I found this one to be particularly useful because of its integrated swivel ball head, adjustable height, and portability. It’s a very cost-effective option for those who want an easy, flexible tripod for smaller cameras. I would love to see a few things improved on — the quality of the carrying pouch, a stronger smartphone mount, better attention to detail — but overall, it’s not a bad product for the price, it’s also not great.