K’ablekey is a useful accessory for extra storage on iOS devices.

I think everyone has dealt with it at some point in time — the awkward warning from your iPhone that tells you that you don’t have enough space left. It’s happened to me once or twice and it’s usually happened at the worst possible time. My iPhone has become one of my primary cameras and shooting HD video fills up a hard drive fast. So, I turn to solutions like the K’ablekey from PKparis.

K’ablekey is a USB flash drive and charging cable in one device. It’s made to be with you at all times with its discreet design. It’s very well-packaged in a foam encased pneumonic retail case. In fact, I had a little trouble getting into it. The exterior cardboard was so securely attached to the interior foam that the packaging was completely destroyed by the time I got the K’ablekey out.

K'ablekey Flash Drive and Cable

The K’ablekey is made to last and features weather resistant materials like aluminum and silicone. Both the ends of the charging cable and its silicone caps are magnetized to keep the cable together.  The plug ends of the cable are adorned with aluminum and I have to admit that they are a bit sharp on the edges. I would love to see them machined a bit so that they are rounded edges for comfortable handling of the cable. There was more than one time that I thought my finger had a cut on it from plugging and unplugging the cable from my phone and computer. I love the aluminum as a part of the design because it’s a durable material, but would love to see the edges smoothed out a bit.

K'ablekey Flash Drive and Cable

K’ablekey requires an app to be downloaded to your iOS device in order to use its full functionality. That said, you can still use it as a charging cable without having the app. Also, when you plug the K’ablekey into your computer, it appears on your desktop as an external hard drive. You can open it and drop files into it just like any flash drive. In order to access any files on the drive on your iOS device, you must have the app.

Transferring files from my phone to the K’ablekey was very fast. I selected four typical photos from my iPhone library and copied them to the flash drive. The transfer only took about 10-15 seconds. Now, one thing I did discover is that in order to have files visible to your computer, you have to put them in the Public folder of the K’ablekey. If you use the Private folder that is password protected, you can’t view that file on your computer.

K'ablekey Flash Drive and Cable K'ablekey Flash Drive and Cable K'ablekey Flash Drive and Cable

Something that I really like about the design is that the K’ablekey is wide enough to remain closed or connected while its attached to either you laptop or iPhone. I also found that you get a solid connection from either end when the cap is still on, too. I found this useful because I was able to protect the end that I wasn’t actively using.

K'ablekey Flash Drive and Cable

The K’ablekey is a very useful device. I think the best way to use it is as a maintenance accessory and not an emergency one. I found that when I tried to transfer anything that was large, the transfer speed wasn’t very good. If you use the K’ablekey to backup your iOS device regularly, or just use it as a separate hard drive for your mobile devices, it’s a great accessory.

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