A Bluetooth sports headphone that features a built-in real-time running coach is one of five new JVC Bluetooth headphones announced at CES 2019.

New JVC Bluetooth Sport Headphones Feature Built-in Running Form Coach

Runners looking to improve their technique can ditch the personal trainer and opt instead for JVC’s new Bluetooth sport headphones that feature a built-in running form coach by BiomechEngine, capable of real-time data processing to provide instant feedback to users.

The new water-resistant JVC HA-ET65BV Bluetooth headphones combine a specially designed built-in motion sensor with an app to analyze the user’s running form. Voice feedback allows runners to make adjustments that can improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

The new coaching feature provides real-time running form coaching by voice, so corrections can be made. Metrics analyzed include head angle, cadence, impact, balance, stride, step width and angle, leg stiffness, and symmetry, among others. Advice for maintaining proper form is provided via the dedicated app, Runspect.

The HA-ET65BV headphones feature JVC’s Pivot Motion Fit+ system that keeps the headphones comfortably in place during running or other vigorous activity. Tangle-free grooved cable length is easily adjustable and magnetic housings keep the two earpieces together when worn around the neck and not in use.

The new headphones provide up to seven hours of wireless use (form coaching OFF), have a three-button remote and mic with voice assistant compatibility, are water resistant (IPX5), and come with three sizes of ear fins, regular and open type earpieces that allow ambient sounds to be heard,

The JVC HA-ET65BV headphones come with a soft carrying pouch and will be available in March for $129.95.

JVC 2019 Headphone Line: Updated Bluetooth “Marshmallow” And Earbuds in Retro Dual-Tone Soft Colors

JVC updates its earbud and popular Marshmallow in-ear headphone lines for 2019 with a new Bluetooth Marshmallow model and earbuds featuring unique, new retro dual-tone colors, available in wireless and wired versions.

JVC’s new neckband Bluetooth HA-FX35BT Marshmallow in-ear headphones feature soft memory foam earpieces that provide a tight seal for the best possible sound quality. They provide up to eight hours of wireless listening, are water resistant (IPX4), feature a tangle-free flat cable, magnetic housings keep the two earpieces together when worn around the neck and not in use, and are voice assistant compatible. They’re available in five colors – black, misty gray, apricot pink, indigo blue, and ivory.

JVC brings a refreshing new look to earbuds with two new models, one wireless and one wired. The HA-F19BT and HA-F19M sport four variations of a retro two-tone, matte/glossy color scheme. The Bluetooth HA-F19BT provides up to 6.5 hours of wireless listening and offers a three-button remote with mic, while the HA-F19M has a 3.3-foot color cord and an integrated one-button remote with mic. Both headphones are sweat and splash proof. Colors offered are blue/gray, khaki/beige, pink/taupe and red/black.

All three new headphones will be available in March at the following suggested retail prices:

  • HA-FX35BT $39.95
  • HA-F19BT $29.95
  • HA-F19M $9.95

Choose Your Style – JVC Launches New On-Ear and In-Ear Bluetooth Noise Canceling Headphones

JVC announced new on-ear and in-ear Bluetooth noise canceling headphones, offering consumers a style that meets their preferences. The two new headphones, the on-ear HA-S65BN, and in-ear HA-FX65BN, offer wireless operation via Bluetooth, and noise canceling to minimize background sounds. Both new headphones are voice assistant compatible.

For those who prefer an on-ear headphone, the new JVC HA-S65BN is a lightweight, foldable headband model that features memory foam earpads for comfort, and swiveling earcups so the headphones lay flat for easy packing in a bag or backpack. They offer up to 16 hours of wireless operation or up to 11 hours of wireless operation with noise canceling activated. An on/off bass boost function enhances bass performance, and the headphones feature a remote and mic integrated into one earpiece. An included detachable cord offers the option of wired operation to conserve battery power. The HA-S65BN is available in either metallic deep blue or metallic dark gray.

For consumers looking for an in-ear Bluetooth noise canceling headphone, JVC offers the new HA-FX65BN. Its slim, flexible neckband provides a secure, comfortable fit and magnetic housings keep the two earpieces together when worn around the neck and not in use. A 9.1mm neodymium driver unit delivers clear, clean sound. It offers up to eight hours of wireless listening or up to six hours of wireless operation with noise canceling activated. The HA-FX65BN is rainproof (IPX4), voice assistant compatible and comes in two colors – metallic dark gray or ivory gold.

JVC has another new on-ear Bluetooth headphone this year, the HA-S35BT. It offers 17 hours of wireless listening, bass boost, voice assistant compatibility, swiveling fold-flat earpieces, integrated remote and mic, and three color options – indigo blue, carbon black and ice white.

Both the HA-S65BN and HA-FX65BN will be available in March, each priced at $99.95.

The HA-S35BT will be available in March for $49.95.

JVC Projectors Achieve World’s First THX 4K HDR Certification

Underscoring its commitment to deliver the best home theater experience possible, JVC announced that two recently introduced home theater projectors achieved THX 4K HDR Certification, the first display products to do so.

The new JVC Procision Series DLA-NX9 and Reference Series DLA-RS3000 are the only display devices to date to have achieved THX 4K HDR Certification, the most demanding specification that a display product can achieve. Both models feature JVC’s newest native 4K D-ILA device and the company’s 8K e-shift technology to produce an 8K image on the screen.

HDR content offers a substantial improvement in image quality with its expanded luminance range, wide color gamut, 10-bit gradation, and other enhancements. THX 4K HDR Certification ensures that a display achieves all that HDR can deliver to provide the most true-to-life video images.
“HDR is a significant advancement in picture technology that delivers tangible improvements in image quality,” said Fred Zecha, General Manager, Custom Installation Sales, JVCKENWOOD USA Corporation. “With HDR available in a wide range of products today, THX 4K HDR Certification indicates a product that stands apart from the others and provides consumers with the assurance that their JVC projector will deliver the best possible HDR performance for a truly extraordinary viewing experience.”

THX performs hundreds of tests to confirm color accuracy, sharpness, and contrast. A larger DCI-P3 color gamut is required for HDR, and THX 4K HDR Certification ensures that a display truly achieves this new color palette, and with the highest accuracy. Furthermore, 4K HDR displays are evaluated for color and moiré artifacts with full HD and 4K content. Images must match the color, luminance, black levels and gamma seen in the filmmaker’s studio.

The THX HDR test suite also ensures that even in scenes with multiple sized objects, white levels are produced that meet those expected by editors and colorists in production suites.

A key feature of the new JVC projectors is the Auto Tone Mapping function, which automatically adjusts settings for the optimum HDR10 image. The HDR10 mastering information MaxCLL (Maximum Content Light Level) / MaxFALL (Maximum Frame Average Light Level) varies greatly depending on content. Therefore, in order to achieve the best HDR10 experience, it is necessary to set the appropriate brightness settings for each piece of programming. The new Auto Tone Mapping function automatically adjusts settings based on the mastering information. Various HDR images with different brightness can be viewed optimally without manual adjustment of the settings. THX tests for tone mapping to ensure that all content is rendered with precise definition in the brightest and darkest areas. In cases where content does not contain mastering information, a fixed value will be set or it can be manually adjusted.

“JVC is always at the forefront of delivering emerging technologies, and pushing the boundaries of quality and performance,” states Peter Vasay, SVP of Technology Operations at THX. “We are amazed at the detail and precision in the picture quality of JVC’s 4K HDR projectors. Whenever we certify a product from JVC, we know we are working with equipment that will truly deliver the artist’s vision.”

The JVC DLA-NX9 and DLA-RS3000 projectors are each priced at $17,999.95.

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