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Just Press Record App Review 2

iOS App Interface

Something that I found really odd was that Apple did not include any voice memo app on the Apple Watch, even though they have a native voice recording app on the iPhone. It just seemed to me that type of app would be very helpful since sometimes you need to record an event in the blink of an eye. The developers at Open Planet Software must have thought this was a missed opportunity as well because they created Just Press Record, a voice recording app that works with iOS, Mac, and the Apple Watch.

Just Press Record is a simple, but professional audio recorder. Recording on the go is as easy as a tap on your Apple Watch with Just Press Record. Some of the main features include:

  • Multiple device sync through iCloud
  • Native watch app
  • Easy sharing
  • Unlimited recording time
  • Automatic organization
  • Multitasking
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Mac OS App Interface

First of all, I want to mention that you must upgrade to iCloud Drive in order to use Just Press Record if you haven’t already. Since the app uses iCloud to sync between devices, it must have access to that storage. If you haven’t upgraded to iCloud Drive, you will see a screen telling you to upgrade before using Just Press Record. Thanks to  iCloud Drive you can instantly access your recordings as they are synced across all of your devices. So, a meeting recorded on your Apple Watch is seamlessly transferred and available on your Mac when you need it. This is something that no other recording app offers.

While most people might use Just Press Record for business meetings, I want to offer an alternative use. I’m a bit hard of hearing and sometimes it’s hard for me to distinguish what people are saying. I have found Just Press Record to be a very useful tool to assist me with details. It’s great when you need to get directions or information at conferences. I no longer have to stress about if I missed part of what someone said because I know I’ll have it recorded and I can pull it up on any of my Apple devices at any time.

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watchOS App Interface

Another great feature I wanted to touch on was the fact that the Apple Watch add-on is a native app. This means that you can record conversations even if your iPhone is in another room. Plus, Just Press Record for watchOS offers a home screen complication so that you can get to recording even faster.

Just Press Record is a very easy to use, simple, elegantly designed app. While it doesn’t have a lot of flare or options, it does have the background infrastructure that is severly lacking in a lot of recently developed apps. The easy ability to go back and forth between devices is something I’ve looked for for a long, long time and Open Planet Software captured this ability perfectly with Just Press Record.

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