TopGum is a sophisticated backup battery.

One of my favorite all-time mobile accessories is the power bank. It serves a purpose and makes it possible for you to continue using your mobile device even after its own battery is depleted. There is a large variety of portable batteries available for mobile users and I’ve tried a lot of them. My favorite features for power banks include an integrated charging cable and a small form so that it’s easy to carry. The only ‘hassle’ I tend to have with power banks is remembering to recharge them so that they are ready when I need them. I’ve been a fan of Just Mobile’s elegant designs for quite some time now and so when I decided to look for a solution for this problem, I decided to check out what they had available.

The TopGum is a portable power pack that recharges with the use of a magnetic charging dock. I was completely blown away by this option because it provides a very simple answer to my battery charging problem. It’s much easier to remember to charge my battery when I’m done using it if all I have to do is drop it on a dock. Aside from the dock, the TopGum has a lot of other great features going for it.

 Just Mobile TopGum Portable Battery

First, the TopGum is a 6000 mAh battery. This is a large enough capacity to charge not only an iPhone but also an iPad. The battery pack has a built-in Lighting cable for charging your Apple products, but it also has a standard USB port for charging other devices. The body of the TopGum is aluminum like so many other Just Mobile products and it provides protection from overheating for both the battery and your device.

As great as the design concept is, I did have a few problems with the TopGum. The first had to deal with the connection of the battery with the dock. Even though it’s magnetic, there is still a specific way it has to sit on the dock in order to get a charge. It is not an inductive charger — therefore contact must be made between the battery and the charging dock. There were a few times when I struggled to get the battery to sit just right and start charging. This was a little frustrating cause I think something like that should just drop into place. In addition to this issue, I also found that the battery slipped off its contacts a time or two.

 Just Mobile TopGum Portable Battery

If that were the only issue, I would chalk it up to user error, but the major issue I had came after I had used the battery a few times. One night, I was sitting with my family at dinner and needed to charge my phone. So, I plugged in the TopGum and sat the phone on the chair next to me. When I went to unplug my phone, the Lightning cable broke off at the end. Given the flaw, I contacted Just Mobile about the problem and got a very prompt response.

Now, it’s very important to note here that Just Mobile responded to the problem by shipping out a second battery. I was very happy to have another chance to test out the TopGum because I really wanted to like the product. The other thing I really appreciate about Just Mobile is that they requested the faulty unit to be returned because they want to see where their product went wrong. I like that because it shows that they want to make sure their products are great for their customers.

 Just Mobile TopGum Portable Battery

My second testing of the TopGun was a much nicer experience than the first time around. So much so that I wonder if maybe there was more wrong with that unit than just the Lighting plug. First of all, the second unit sits on the charging stand much better. The contacts are firm and it actually seems like the stand’s magnets are a lot stronger than the previous TopGum. Another great feature that I got to test out because the stand was stronger was the passthrough charging. While the battery was charging on the dock, I plugged in a Lightning cable and started charging my iPhone. I was very happy that this method of charging worked because it just gives you another way to charge.

Given that the company resolved my problems with the original unit and that the second battery worked very well, I think the TopGum is a great option for a portable battery. It’s powerful and when you have one that works, it’s easy to use.

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