Just Mobile iPhone HoverDock provides a unique charging experience for iPhone users.

One of the first accessories I ever wanted for my iPhone was a charging dock. I just don’t like the idea of leaving my expensive smartphone laying on a desk or nightstand while it charges. So, I began the early search for a charging dock. In those days, they were few and far between. You pretty much had to choose the one built by Apple, or have no charging dock at all. Now, they are almost a dime a dozen. So, how do you make the decision about which one to use? For me, I look at two main factors:

  1. Can I use this dock without taking my phone out of its case?
  2. Is it unique in some way?

Just Mobile iPhone HoverDock Review

Just Mobile’s iPhone Hover Dock fits both these criteria. It’s designed to be a minimalist charging dock. HoverDock is about 4 inches in width and stands just about 2 inches high. It’s circular and is made primarily from aluminum. It’s case-friendly and comes with an ‘elevator clip’ that will raise the cable up an addition 4mm for heavy duty cases. I personally use a case that fits inside a battery pack. So, it’s sort of medium in size. I do not actually have to use the elevator clip in order to charge my phone on HoverDock.

Just Mobile iPhone HoverDock Review

The dock does not come with a charging cable. You have to provide your own. And not only that, but you have to provide an Apple Lightning cable – no third party cables will do. I attempted to use a shorter flexible cable, but I quickly discovered that only the Lightning cable designed by Apple would fit through the cable channel. This is a little unfortunate because you end up have a lot of excess cable with your charging dock.

Now, Just Mobile designed HoverDock with smart cable storage. This is the unique feature I like that sets this dock apart from its competitors. The bottom of the dock stand comes apart for you to route the cable through it. There is a spool built into the base and you can wrap as much cable around it as you need to. This makes it possible for you to use as much or as little cable as you want.

Just Mobile iPhone HoverDock Review

Once I had the cable installed, I placed HoverDock on my desk and set my phone on it. I really like the simplicity of it and how easy it is to charge my phone on it. The only complaint I have is that it’s very difficult to get the cable out of it once it’s installed. Other than that, HoverDock is a very nice option for charging your iPhone.

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