Transparent protection for the front and back of your iPad Pro

What I like

  • Transparent back and front protection
  • Auto-Healing feature is a plus
  • Products can be used together or separately

Impact protection for your electronic devices is an important part of preserving the look and lifespan of products. When it comes to Apple products, many people want to provide protection while also preserving the look of their devices. It seems like a new transparent protector appears on the market on a near daily basis. On there MacSources test bench today is the AutoHeal screen protector and TENC transparent iPad case by Just Mobile.

Just Mobile AutoHeal Screen Protector and TENC iPad Pro Case REVIEW

First Impressions
What I’m about to say will probably rub some readers the wrong way, but the first thing I noticed about these products, was how nice the packaging is. This may sound elitist to some people, but I believe you can tell a lot about a company and it’s products by the amount of time and money they put into packaging. It’s the first thing your customer sees and it also has the important job of protecting the product until it reaches the end user.

Steve job famously placed a great deal of emphasis on product packaging and Apple has reaped huge rewards by setting this trend and keeping it going. Just Mobile obviously cares a lot about good first impressions, because their packaging is a high-density paper stock and font and graphic choices make you forest that Apple didn’t make these products.

Just Mobile AutoHeal Screen Protector and TENC iPad Pro Case REVIEW

Just snap the back cover on your iPad and adhere the AutoHeal front cover to your iPad and you are good to go. The materials feel nice on your fingers and both the AutoHeal front cover and TENC back cover feature Just mobile’s trademarked Auto-Healing technology. I have some shooting targets that use a similar material and it is always amazing to me how many times the target can be shot before the material starts to show signs of use. This is a nice feature in a case because after some use most cases start to look banged up as they take the blows for your iPad. With Auto-Healing, your case will look as nice as your iPad for longer.

Both the AutoHeal screen cover and TENC back cover would make an excellent choice for anyone looking for stylish protection for their iPad Pro, while also maintaining the outward appearance of both products.

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