Alupad is a high-style mousemat that provides function as a great accessory.

I really appreciate the ‘little touches’ that make a desk set-up special. I like that some third party companies make very high-style accessories that match the style of larger brands like Apple. Just Mobile is one company that I turn to when I want those vert stylized pieces. I’ve found that they create some wonderful accessories that are not only well-made, but they are also complimentary of the modern sheik style that Apple made popular. I’m very excited that I’ve recently added the Alupad to my desk setup.

Just Mobile Alupad Deluxe Mousemat

The Alupad is part of Just Mobile’s ‘Alu’ product line. It features a single slab of anodized aluminum that is wrapped in seamless white plastic. It has four non-slip feet on the bottom to protect your desk as well as your productivity — you don’t have to spend time fighting the mousepad moving on you. It is compatible with all modern mouses including the Apple Magic Mouse and Mighty Mouse (wireless). At 10.4 x 8.2 inches, the Alupad’s main body is a bit larger than the standard mouse pad, but the plastic surface is true to size with most other mousepads.

Just Mobile Alupad Deluxe Mousemat

The box is a decorative Just Mobile branded box. They tend to take their style from something reminiscent of Apple — simple, clean and minimal color. The outside of the box also points out the product’s accolades including its nomination from Designpreis Deutschland 2011 and the reddot design award winner from 2010. As you open the box, you are greeted with the Just Mobile logo and a byline that states “accessories for the refined taste,” which this mousepad definitely is. The mousepad is wrapped in plastic and when you pull it from the box, you notice just how heavy it is. Because it’s a simple mousepad with a simple use, there is no extraneous paperwork or manuals that are included.

Just Mobile Alupad Deluxe Mousemat

I am currently using a fairly standard wired mouse by Technet. It has glowing colored LEDs on the inside so it looks cool and it’s been very responsive to my needs. This mouse is an optical mouse so it operates by using a light source to detect movement relative to a surface. If you have a reflective surface for the mouse, it sometimes doesn’t respond very well. This is one of the reasons that I still resort to having a mousepad on my desk instead of a clean surface. I enjoy these optical, tactical, gaming mice because they fit my hand and they are more responsive for me than some touchpad solutions. I have used a plain aluminum mouse pad in the past and found that I did have some connectivity issues with it because it was so reflective. I love that Just Mobile wanted to provide an elegant mouse pad solution that features aluminum, but made sure that it was still fully functional by adding the plastic wrap for the mouse to live on.

While this might seem like a ‘little touch’, the Alupad is such an important part of my desk set-up that I don’t see myself replacing it anytime soon.

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