AluCable Duo provides quality, all-purpose charging and syncing for your mobile devices.

I tend to carry a variety of cables with me so that I’m never left wanting when I’m out and about. There are many styles and lengths of cables these days and I’m finding that I lean toward the shorter, flexible variety rather than a full-length Lightning cable from Apple. There are ups and downs with third party cables so you have to be cautious about which ones you choose to use. One company that I have come to trust is Just Mobile. They build really well-designed, high-quality products and their cables do a really great job of holding up under stress and charging my devices.

The AluCable Duo series cables are strong and have a unique design. Each of the ‘duo’ series cables can serve a dual purpose — Micro USB or Lightning charging and syncing. The cable is a Micro USB cable, but it has an attached Lightning adapter so that you can use it with iOS devices, too. The opposite end is a standard USB-A plug. These cables also feature aluminum as a finishing touch — hence the ‘Alu’ moniker at the beginning of their names.

Just Mobile AluCable Duo

AluCable Duo Twist
This cable provides a tangle-free option for travelers. It’s great for any type of use, but particularly useful in vehicles. The twisting cable expands quite a bit, but it bounces back to its original form without becoming a tangled mess. The coiled cable is unique for a charging/syncing cable and I was immediately attracted to it.

This cable actually came in quite handy recently when I was on the set of a video production. One of the actresses on set asked me if anyone around had an iPhone charger. I pulled out my trusty power bank and the AluCable Duo Twist and handed it to her. She was incredibly grateful and even commented on the unique design of the cable.

Just Mobile AluCable Duo

AluCable Duo
This is a pretty standard 2-in-1 cable. It is 1.5m (5ft) in length and will sync/charge at 2.4A. Just like the other AluCables, the standard Duo is MFi certified for use with iOS products. This cable is also tangle-free and quite a bit heftier than standard Apple Lightning cables. While I haven’t attempted to completely destroy the cable through fraying, I would imagine that this one would be a little hard to get through. It’s a high-quality cable with high-quality standards.

AluCable Duo Mini
As its name suggests, this is a smaller version of the Duo. It measures 10cm (4in) and is the perfect length for charging while you are tethered to a power bank. The cable is the same strong, reinforced cable as the standard Duo and it charges up devices quite easily. This cable is really ideal to slip in your pocket if you are running out the door and need to make sure you are covered.

Just Mobile AluCable Duo

The AluCable Duo series cables are a great choice for your charging and syncing needs. Just Mobile does a great job of designing different options for different situations. I do have two observations about the overall cable design. First, the casing for the Lighting/Micro USB plug is a bit wide. While I was testing these cables, I found that some iPhone cases were compatible with the AluCable Duo plug, but then others weren’t. I had a very slim case on my phone when I tried to charge it using the Duo Twist cable. The base of the plug is so wide that the cable wouldn’t ‘click’ into place in the phone’s Lighting port. This was a little disappointing as it meant I had to remove my phone from its case to charge.

Just Mobile AluCable Duo

The second observation I had was that the connector that holds the Lighting adapter on the end of the cable is nothing more than rubber/plastic. With regular use of the cable, I wouldn’t imagine that the connector would fail, but if you stretch it forcibly or if the connector gets stressed in any way, I think it may break. I actually tried pulling it off of the Duo cable and found that it stretched quite a bit and I thought it might break away.

Despite the two small issues I found, the AluCable Duos are really awesome cables that can be used for a variety of situations. Check them out on

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