Just Mobile AluBase Wireless Charger

10 Just Mobile AluBase Wireless Charger REVIEW


  • Easy set-up
  • Includes AC adapter
  • Provides efficient charge for iPhone


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Ease of Use

A high-powered, efficient wireless charger.

The other day, I cleaned off my bedside table. While this might not seem like a big deal to some, it is to me because it’s one of those places I take for granted in my house. I just use it to charge my phone and watch at night and it ends up being a cluttered mess if I don’t look after it. Well, this ‘clean up’ session was definitely one of those decluttering experiences. After I had gotten rid of the excess stuff that was strewn about, I realized that the charging dock I’ve been using for a long time to charge my watch and phone is sort of outdated. I’m still plugging a cable into my iPhone XS even though I’ve been longing for a wireless charging capable phone for eons. Now that I finally have one, I am lacking a nice wireless charger to use at night. That being said, I was delighted to find that Just Mobile has a wireless charger that is part of their AluBase line of products — the AluBase Wireless. 

Just Mobile AluBase Wireless Charger REVIEW


The AluBase wireless is a high-speed, aluminum charger that sits flat on a surface and doesn’t leave much of a footprint on a desk or table top. The charger fully supports Apple 7.5W and Samsung 10W charging protocols and a 18W wall adapter is even included with the wireless charging base. The AluBase Wireless is Qi certified and case-friendly (up to 5mm). The charger is designed to charge up to 30% faster than standard 5W wireless chargers do. It features an anti-scratch silicone ring, a high-performance wireless charging coil, an intelligent fast-charge module,  a heat-dissipation unibody aluminum, and non-slip silicone pads on its feet.

Just Mobile strives to provide safe, effective accessories to its customers and as such, the AluBase Wireless offers multi-point protection circuitry which includes 5X protection against over current, over voltage, short circuit, and overheating.


  • Shell material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Input: DC5V 2A/9V 1.67A (max)
  • Output: DC5V 1.5A/9V 1.1A (max)
  • Charging area: 1 Coil
  • Charging distance: 0~0.3 in/0~8 mm
  • Qi standard: Qi Version 1.2

Just Mobile AluBase Wireless Charger REVIEW


The packaging for the AluBase Wireless is fairly typical for Just Mobile products. It’s clean, has lots of details included on the box and a full-color image of the device inside. Right from the beginning, I was impressed with this simple wireless charger. I felt like Just Mobile thought of everything that others had blissfully forgotten when it came to finalizing the product. One of the simplest features of this charger is also the most important in my opinion — the AC adapter. I’m continually amazed these days because so many chargers and power stations are not packaged with an AC adapter for the wall. They boast high-speed charging but don’t include the required accessories to make that spec a reality. Just Mobile provides an 18W AC adapter to use with the charger so that you achieve the maximum power delivery available. 

When I did my tests for how well the AluBase Wireless was charging, I found that I was getting a charging rate of about 0.74% per minute. This was quite a bit faster than other wireless charging pads I’ve tested in the past.  I didn’t notice any excessive heat collection on the charging pad or the phone. 

Just Mobile AluBase Wireless Charger REVIEW


I’ve been a fan of the wireless charging stands at work so that I can see the phone accurately while it’s charging. But for overnight charging, I really like this simple, elegant style of charger. Just Mobile has created a very efficient, high-powered wireless charger that is really hard to beat.

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