JOTO Waterproof Phone Case and Float Review:

Photo_1I love the water, and I love my tech. So, when I got the opportunity to review a product that helps you enjoy both together, I jumped. The JOTO waterproof cell phone case is just such a device. It is simple, well designed, and effective. It has a very positive feel when you close it so you know that your goods are safe. It also has a flexible band that is inserted inside a sealed compartment that goes around the whole bag. This keeps the case’s shape so that it doesn’t collapse like a zipper sandwich bag does, and no doubt adds a little buoyancy to it as well.

At first glance you might be a little confused as how to open this case, but if you take note of the writing placed on the case, you will see that opening it is a simple two step process of releasing 2 hinges at the top. After unlocking, the bag separates and you can insert your phone, cash, wallet, matches, identification cards, or whatever you want to keep dry. I did note that the opening is pretty close to the size of my phone (Galaxy S4) which is 2.75″ wide. With a much wider phone you may have difficulty inserting it into the bag. Also if you use a TPU-like rubber feeling case (like I do), it tends to bind to the bag as you insert it. Once I inserted it a few times it wasn’t a problem though.

Photo_2Testing it in the Ohio river on a boat cruise and on some nearby streams in a canoe, I can tell you that if the bag is closed your stuff is going to stay dry. It is a little harder to close than it is to open however. Both sides of the closing top are separate and only stay together by the plastic bag while the case is open. You must carefully align the two hinges so that they insert into the other half. It takes a bit of effort the first time, but once you figure it out it’s no problem to do.

While using it, I found a very nice surprise. When the bag is closed, you can still easily use the capacitive touch screen on your phone! If you have a device with a hardware home button on the front (like the Galaxy S series or the iPhone) you will have no problem interacting with your device while its in the case. You should be careful with your device in the sun however. It can’t get any airflow with the case closed as it seems pretty close to air tight when you clamp down its locking mechanism. So put it in some shade while you are playing your tunes on your Bluetooth speaker.

Photo_4As a nice extra, I suggest the JOTO FLOAT which is a yellow foam loop that you can attach to the top of the case through a nice hole machined at the top. It will keep your valuable stuff from sinking to the bottom of the river. In my tests the bright yellow color makes it easy to identify your hard earned money floating away after you drop it in the water. I tested it by tossing the case overboard and having my buddies search for it a little down stream. I’m happy to report nothing was wet on the inside and the FLOAT’s loop shape makes it easy to scoop up with a paddle as it floats by.

In short, once you get past any difficulty in closing the case or fitting your phone inside, you will be pleased with the performance of this. I trust my phone to this case when I’m out near or in the water. It would be a great case for any runners who don’t let rain keep them from their run too.