Joto Sport Armband Accessory Review:

A great inexpensive option for the active mobile device user.

Joto Sport Armband Accessory Review 3I love walking. Taking walks through neighborhoods, nature settings and even through the mountains is something I really enjoy. I’ve never been really good at distance running or cycling, but walking, I love. Several years ago, I started tracking some of my walking efforts with a variety of different apps, but found it harder and harder to keep up with my phone because most of my workout clothes did not have pockets. This is why you need the Sport Armband Case from Joto.

Joto Sport Armband Accessory Review 4The Sport Armband from Joto is designed to work with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. It has a comfortable, soft touch and is made out of lightweight neoprene so that it’s sweat proof. The armband is adjustable up to a 9.5” arm circumference. There are two positioning slots that help to make it as flexible as possible. The armband is held on with a strong velcro closure. In addition to the holder for the phone, this armband also has a built-in key pocket and card holder so that you can pack all your essentials in your armband.

I’ve had sports armbands in the past, so I was pretty certain I knew what to expect from this one. I was very excited to see the addition of the key pocket and card holder because I have run into issues in the past where I had to carry those items and again, I didn’t have any pockets. This is a great addition to an already smart concept.

Joto Sport Armband Accessory Review 5UTILITY
The fit of the armband ended up being a bit tight, but after walking around the block a couple of times, I’m happy to say that it didn’t slip down my arm as I’ve seen other armbands do. The phone slipped easily in and out of its storage pocket and I never felt as though it wasn’t secure.

Even though we did test out the product with a Samsung Galaxy S6, we also slipped an iPhone 6 into the armband to see if the two devices were similar enough in size for them both to fit into the sleeve. Sure enough – the iPhone 6 slid right into the storage pocket.

The Joto Sport Armband for the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a great buy for anyone with an active lifestyle. It’s a great inexpensive option retailing at around $10.