JOTO Dual Port USB Wall Charger Review:

Dual port USB Wall Charger provides convenient power for all your mobile devices.

Photo_3So many of my devices today charge using a USB cable and I always run into a plug problem when I need to charge something. By plug problem, I mean that I don’t have enough outlets in order for my devices’ native plugs. This problem is not just something that is exclusive to me and because of that, there is an entire category of accessories that seek to help mobile device owners by providing multiple USB ports on a wall charger. JOTO’s Dual Port USB Wall Charger that I’ve been testing for the past week helps with my port problem.

Photo_2The Dual Port USB Wall Charger is compact and easily travels wherever you go. Its unibody design provides easy access to the two USB ports on the charger. Each port has a different amperage rating for different types of devices. One port is rated for 2.4 A for tablets and the other port is rated at 1.0 A for mobile phones.

The wall charger features smart IC technology that will detect the input current of the connected device and charge your devices more efficiently that standard multi-port chargers. This feature also allows you to charge both your phone and tablet at the same time. The charger has a special function that has safeguards against over-heating, over-current output, and over-charging. This feature automatically shuts off the charging process when a device is fully charged.

Photo_1I have been very impressed with this little wall charger. I have used it primarly while at work and found that devices (my iPhone and iPad mostly) charged quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the protection on the wall charger, I didn’t notice any heat radiating from the charger either.

I love the option of being able to charge multiple devices at once and not having to dig out the power adapter for each individual object. The Dual Port USB Wall Charger from JOTO is a wonderful addition to anyone’s mobile accessory collection. At $15, it’s an affordable option for charging multiple devices at once.