Joto Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy S6 Review:

Photo_2We had the opportunity to try out almost every case that Joto created for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and we’re finishing up with two clear thin cases: the Joto-S6-SC01-Clear and the Joto-S6-YF03-Clear.

These cases are very similar in the sense that they are both very thin and are totally clear and transparent. So, you can see all of your S6 through the case material. They both have the same shape and design with openings at the Photo_3bottom for access to all of your phone ports without the need for extension cables and adapters. They also both leave the camera lens area totally open so your snaps will come out clear, but no protection is provided for the lens. The main way that these cases differ is in the back material. The S6-SC01 has a very light pixel type pattern in the plastic while the S6-YF03 is as clear as glass.

In our testing, we found it very easy to add and remove our S6 from both cases and once inside they both held it tightly in place. Both cases offered easy access to the bottom ports and the volume/power buttons. As mentioned before, the Photo_1main difference is the back plastic clarity, so if you are looking for a clear case for the S6, that would be the differentiating factor between these two cases.

All in all, both of these cases would made a nice simple choice for those driving a Samsung Galaxy S6 and wanting a clear case to show off their device.