JOTO Armor Kickstand Galaxy S6 Case Review:

Hybrid Tri-layer Armor Cover Case with Kickstand for Samsung Galaxy S6 for Galaxy S6.

JOTO Armor Kickstand Galaxy S6 Case Review 6JOTO makes a variety of cases for the Galaxy S6 and I recently had the chance to test drive one of their premium cases with a kick stand. I am a real nerd when it comes to cases for my phones, so the more features that a company can squeeze in without making the overall case thicker are great.

JOTO Armor Kickstand Galaxy S6 Case Review 5JOTO definitely hit the mark with this case because it adds very little bulk, while offering excellent protection from drops and bumps. One thing that really stands out to me is that the bumper of the case is raised enough, that it would be very difficult for the screen to get damaged during a fall unless it fell directly down onto a blunt object. For normal life, this case should offer excellent protection for most people.

JOTO Armor Kickstand Galaxy S6 Case Review 4The kick stand is also handy for watching media on the device or just having it sit at a nice angle for viewing while it is laying on your desk. The unit I received was a dark blue color and it looked nice paired with the white on my Galaxy S6.

The cutouts on the bottom of the case offer excellent clearance for the headphone and charging ports and their is also space provided to allow the camera lens, flash, and microphones to do their jobs without interference from the case. Another nice touch is the addition of four small raised “feet” on the back of the case to keep it slightly elevated to prevent dust and scratches from accumulating.

JOTO Armor Kickstand Galaxy S6 Case Review 3If you are looking for a well-built case for the Galaxy S6, this case from JOTO would make a great choice.