JOTO 6-port USB Charger Review:

JOTO 6-port USB Charger Review 3Throughout my day I use lots of USB devices. These USB devices need power and for the most part, filling up outlets on my walls across from my desk won’t cut it. That’s why I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to use the JOTO 6-port USB Charger.

Joto’s 6-port USB Charger is compact and has easy access to wall outlets. And, what’s really nice about this charger besides looking great while using it on my desk it’s very portable and easy to take in a travel bag. It comes packaged with a 5ft detachable power cord, which is a really nice perk. Sometimes power cables are far too short, but this one is a great JOTO 6-port USB Charger Review 4length. The charger has what is called a ‘super output’ of 50 watts through all 6 ports. With this you can charge any combination of phones, tablets, or other USB devices simultaneously. One thing I’m particularly fond of is rechargeable battery packs. I always find myself needing multiple ones when I go out of town and I end up charging several at one time when I’m preparing to leave. This USB charger gives me a great opportunity to charge  my devices as well as their support accessories before long trips.

Another important feature of the Joto 6-port USB Charger is its intelligence. By that, I mean that it utilizes Smart IC Technology and can tell how much power is supposed to be tossed to a device and send that amount. It automatically detects the input current of a device and sends only that amount. This maximizes compatibility and charging speed. JOTO 6-port USB Charger Review 5Some USB chargers will have certain amps per USB slot and it would be up to you to know what slot to use for your phone, tablet, Bluetooth headset or other devices. This charger really does that work for you and uses up to 2.4 amps for each port. This technology also provides over-heating, over-current and over-charging protection. When a device is full of power, the charger stops charging it.

Joto’s 6-port USB Charger is a very slick looking device that work really well. I have been very impressed with it. It retails for around $29.