Perfect for creating pro-grade video from unlimited angles.

One of my favorite photography gadgets is the GorillaPod by Joby. Even before I started using a DSLR, I thought this was an ingenious product. I grew up around video production and all the equipment surrounding it. So, when I first saw the GorillaPod, I was impressed by its flexibility and function for people using DSLRs. So, using this amazing product actually became motivation for me to develop my skills with a DSLR. Now, JOBY has developed this amazing product into an exclusive piece of equipment for videographers by adding a fluid video head.

GorillaPod 5K Video Pro Tripod REVIEW


The GorillaPod 5K Video Pro is designed to pair the popular GorillaPod legs with a solid fluid head to create a dynamite professional video kit. The video head provides fluidity on pan and tilt and has a removeabl and foldable pan bar for additional portability. The GorillaPod 5K Video Pro is ideal for camera video work and it supports both DSLR and mirrorless cameras weighing up to 8.82lbs. The kit comes with a mount for the JOBY Impulse Bluetooth remote shutter and an additional arm for microphones, lights, or other accessories. The GorillaPod 5K Video Pro is made with premium materials including aluminum, stainless steel, ABS plastic, and TPE. 

GorillaPod 5K Video Pro Tripod REVIEW


  • Weight: 1.94lbs
  • Attachment Type: ⅜” adapter
  • Dimensions: 3.35 x 4.33 x 14.96 in
  • Top Attachment: ¼” screw, ⅜” screw
  • Ball Flat
  • Base Diameter: 1.69 in
  • Bubble Spirit Level (1)
  • Front Tilt: -90°/+65°
  • Head Type: Video/Fluid Head
  • Pan Bar Included: Yes
  • Pan Drag: fluid cartridge with fixed drag
  • Panoramic Rotation: 360
  • Plate Type: 501PL
  • Quick Release: Yes
  • Safety Payload Weight: 8.82 lbs
  • Upper Disc Diameter: 2.05 in
  • Tilt Drag: fluid cartridge with fixed drag
GorillaPod 5K Video Pro Tripod REVIEW


Right out of the box the GorillaPod 5K was a home run for me. Even though the base of it was the same as the GorillaPod I had previously reviewed, I still found this review process to be exciting. The biggest difference between the GorillaPod 5K Video Pod and the GorillaPod Focus (what I previously reviewed), is the video head. The Focus came equipped with a ball head that could articulate a 360º pan and a 90º tilt. The fluid video head that’s included with this version of the GorillaPod is flat and is limited to its pan/tilt range. It does, however, come with a pan bar for easy use of the range of motion on the head. The addition of the fluid video head make this a real tripod for capturing video. 

GorillaPod 5K Video Pro Tripod REVIEW

The legs of this tripod are one of the most impressive features about this product. They are designed to be flexible and wrap around various items so that videographers and photographers can get incredible footage from far-reaching places without having to rig something up. The legs are strong and I didn’t have any issues putting our full-frame camera (Canon 5D Mark IV) on the GorillaPod while it was perched up in a tree. The GorillaPod held its place well in the tree and allowed me to capture some simple footage that I’ll end up using later as b-roll. 

GorillaPod 5K Video Pro Tripod REVIEW

In addition to being able to grip to most any surface, the GorillaPod is a great standalone tripod. It’s perfect for getting low-angle shots and using as a grip for a DSLR while vlogging, which is really what this tripod is perfect for. As a vlogger, when you go out on location to create a video, it’s always better to travel light. The GorillaPod 5K Video Pro makes it possible for users to simply take one device out with them to make sure they have a sturdy tripod, flexible camera mount, and personal vlogging studio all in one device. 


This kit comes equipped with a secondary arm that screws into the end of the pan bar so that you can attach accessories like lights (as shown below) or microphones. This smaller arm is a great help for remaining versatile when you are out and about.

GorillaPod 5K Video Pro Tripod REVIEW


The JOBY GorillaPod 5K Video Pro is a great tripod for adventurers of all kinds. It makes impossible shots, possible and provides a solid, portable tripod option for on-the-go photographers and videographers. If you own an original GorillaPod, upgrading to the pro version is worth the investment. With it, you will have easy access to lights and a microphone simply by adding the arms. 

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