“This is for the crazy ones.”

HT_ashton_kutcher_jobs_nt_130703_2x3_384Even though I’ve been an Apple fan for many years, I’ve just recently become intrigued by the life and professional career of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple Computers. About two months ago, I saw the first trailer for the movie “Jobs,” a biopic about Steve Jobs starring Ashton Kutcher. I have to admit that I was concerned about Kutcher’s acting ability as he has primarily done comedy in his life, but the trailers were making me believe that he could be Jobs.

The movie opens with an Apple Town Hall meeting where Jobs is introducing the iPod for the very first time. The scene is shot in such a way that you don’t see Jobs’s face right away. You see his mannerisms and hear his voice. I thought that I was watching actual footage of the meeting. Kutcher nailed Jobs’s mannerisms and the very distinctive walk that Jobs had. There were times I knew I was watching Kutcher playing a part, but most of the time I got lost in the story and just saw Steve Jobs. I would imagine that as an actor being asked to portray someone who actually existed would be one of the more difficult tasks to tackle. The best part about watching Kutcher’s performance was that you could tell he had love and respect for the role and the man he was portraying.

I know quite a bit of the Steve Jobs life story. I have seen Pirates of Silicon Valley and studied his career. I have yet to read his biography, which I understand is essential for any Jobs fan, but my knowledge of his history is fairly deep. While I know they danced around a few aspects of his story, the meat of it was there. It was a 2-hour long movie and I feel that the filmmakers packed as much into that time frame as they could without the story losing meaning. The movie focuses on the time period of Jobs’s life when Apple Computers was founded. It takes you through the journey of he and Steve Wozniak (Woz) building the first Apple I computer in Jobs’s parents’ garage up to when Jobs rejoined Apple and brought the near bankrupt company back to profitability in 1998. It showcases his perfectionism, management style and vision for the future. Could the filmmakers have put more into the movie? Maybe, but I don’t believe the film would have held an audience’s interest any longer than 2 hours. Because Jobs accomplished so much with his life, I would enjoy seeing another film that focuses not only on the last 10 years of his life, but also on his time at Pixar. That is something that wasn’t touched on in this movie and I believe is a very interesting part of his career.

One aspect of this movie that I do want to point out is the music. I found myself pulled into the movie more and more by the soundtrack that was playing throughout the film. It was another character in the movie, which is fitting because Jobs wanted people to have a soundtrack for their life that they could carry with them. If you haven’t seen the film yet, I would suggest you pay particular attention to the soundtrack when you do.

I feel that the movie and the people who made it did justice to the story of Steve Jobs. It touched the heart.

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