A quality, luxury sleeve for the MacBook Pro

For quite some time, I was carrying my MacBook Pro in a case. This was the type of case that snapped on top of my computer’s screen and base. It kept it protected but prevented me from using certain accessories like my MacBook Pro dock. So, for several months, I’ve been carrying my beloved computer naked, without any protection for its exterior. This always makes me nervous even though I keep it in a computer bag when I go from place to place, I still wish it had more protection and wish I had a simpler way to keep it safe so that I don’t always have to take my laptop backpack. I happened to find this brightly colored leather sleeve from Jisoncase.

Jisoncase Leather Case for MacBook Pro REVIEW


Jisoncase is a premium accessory company that creates some beautiful cases for products like the MacBook Pro. This particular sleeve fits the 13-inch MacBook Pro (retina models only) and is made of luxury vintage leather. The sleeve has a hidden magnetic closure that provides full protection for the computer inside. It’s an ultra slim design so it doesn’t add any extra bulk to your device. The sleeve comes in three different colors — vintage brown, noble rose, and sapphire blue. The sleeve is lightweight at only 11.8 ounces. There is also a size of this sleeve that fits the 11-inch MacBook Air.

Jisoncase Leather Case for MacBook Pro REVIEW

User Experience

The sleeve comes in a nicely branded box with ‘Jisoncase’ stamped on the front. Inside, you’ll find the case covered in a soft cloth sleeve. When I unwrapped the sleeve, I found a beautifully designed sleeve. The outside has a smooth, slick texture to it and it’s a vibrant blue color. The inside is lined with a soft gray suede-like fabric. It makes it very easy to slide your laptop in and out of the sleeve. Aside from the product details on jisoncase.com, there is no documentation to show that the sleeve is made from leather. I don’t have a great test for that either except to smell it. I thought the interior smelled a lot like real leather, but my fiance didn’t think so.

To start testing out the sleeve, I slid my MacBook Pro inside the sleeve and closed the magnetic flap. The computer fits perfectly and the flap closed easily. It is a tight fit, which is nice because it won’t slide around. While in the sleeve, my computer was easy to carry from place to place. I did place the laptop inside the sleeve into my backpack. The computer compartment has been a tight fit for my laptop so I wasn’t sure if the sleeve would fit, but it did. This gives me the added comfort of knowing that my laptop has added protection even while it’s in the laptop bag.

Jisoncase Leather Case for MacBook Pro


The Jisoncase Leather Case for MacBook Pro is a very nice option for added protection for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. Not only is it unique in style, but it also provides you with a nice, luxurious way to transport your computer without the need for a full-size bag. The only downside I see to this product is that you can only carry your laptop in the sleeve. Any accessories will not fit. I don’t really see this as a negative feature because the sleeve is designed to be slim and only house the MacBook Pro. I would recommend this to any MBP owner who wants some stylish, protection for their computer.

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