JinZee Air Stand

9.3 JinZee Air Stand REVIEW


  • Design matches Apple products nicely
  • Well-balanced stand
  • Elegant shape and design


  • No details provided for product

Sleek design, but lack of details provided for stand.

As a product reviewer, I’m exposed to a lot of different items throughout the year. I take particular interest in devices that improve the function of other products. A few weeks ago, we were approached by a Chinese-based company to review their multipurpose device stand — Air Stand. This one-piece stand is designed to provide stability for mobile phones, tablets, or other products. I was immediately intrigued because it was a single piece stand with no hinge built-in and I loved the look of it from images. 

JinZee Air Stand REVIEW
JinZee Air Stand REVIEW

When I pulled the stand from its box, I was very impressed with the machined work of the Air Stand. It has some very smooth lines and it’s really a work of art. The bottom of the stand has two silicone pads attached to keep it from sliding around on smooth surfaces. There is one more silicone pad located inside the curve that holds the mobile devices upright. 

JinZee Air Stand REVIEW
JinZee Air Stand REVIEW

The stand does come with some additional silicone pads for users to place for their specific devices. While I appreciate the extra options for protection, I would prefer that the product designer adds in the appropriate silicone padding during production since they seem to stay in place much better. In my experience, the self-adhesive pads slide off after being used for a while. 

JinZee Air Stand REVIEW
JinZee Air Stand REVIEW

There are no instructions included with the Air Stand and the box does not provide many details other than the size (100 x 127 x 20 mm) and the fact that several colors are available. In addition to that, JinZee’s website does not have the product included on the site. I do know from the information provided directly from the company that the stand is made from aluminum alloy. Other than that, I don’t know much about the background of the Air Stand. That said, I really like the design of this simple, but elegant stand. It’s perfectly balanced and works well with the standard size iPad (I used a 10-inch iPad Pro) and the iPhone 11 Pro. 

JinZee Air Stand REVIEW
JinZee Air Stand REVIEW

Because it’s so flat, the stand can easily slip into a laptop bag without taking up too much space. The style of the stand does a great job of mimicking the style of iOS devices. I really like this little stand, but I could see some small improvements be made to make this even better. 

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