J&D Tech HDMI to VGA Adapter Review:

Simplicity and necessity collaborated for this cable design, with mostly positive results.

J&D Tech HDMI to VGA Adapter Review 3Adapter cables are usually pretty simple. As long as you can keep cables and adapters married with like sources, such as DVI-D (digital) to HDMI (digital) or VGA (analog) to DVI-A (analog), then all sorts of combinations are available. Sometimes, though, technology runs into the obstacle of trying to combine a piece of old tech like a VGA-only monitor to a newer game console that sports a HDMI port. In the past, many people have no doubt purchased a new monitor or simply moved the console to a compatible display elsewhere in their house, if one exists.

For those desperate individuals that are without any other options, or are perhaps curious to see the result of a new adapter that they were told could not exist, this manufacturer has provided an excellent piece of hardware.

J&D Tech HDMI to VGA Adapter Review 4Since this is an adapter first and not an entire connection solution, you would be purchasing this either alongside a separate VGA cable or perhaps you could dig one out of the closet cord bucket. The adapter is just under a foot long with a standard HDMI plug on one end and a boxy VGA port on the other end.

Upon first glance of the product, I assumed the cable would be functional enough to handle only the video conversion from a HDMI source to VGA. I was already thinking of ways to work around the lack of audio (VGA does not have a digital audio pinout) when I noticed that the bulky box end of the VGA cable gives enough room to include a 3.5mm digital audio port. Suddenly, the included audio cable in the device’s packaging made a lot more sense.

J&D Tech HDMI to VGA Adapter Review 5I am happy to report that my game console has never been happier running in “high-definition” mode on my older 16:9 VGA monitor. The console was able to automatically detect the native resolution of the monitor and adjust the video settings correctly, just like a normal HDMI connection. The picture quality is good, but not great. I have yet to see any blurring or artifacts, but the entire image appears to be under a VERY slight haze. Manually adjusting my monitor settings seems to have corrected the issue.

The fact that this adapter works at all is a nice achievement and I have no complaints of the build quality. The audio cable packaged with the adapter is pretty short, but can easily be swapped out with any other 3.5mm digital patch cable if you need a longer reach to a set of speakers.

J&D Tech HDMI to VGA Adapter Review 6Each year brings new displays and more flexible connection panels so the need for a cable like this will continue to dwindle. However, if you have a spare display that is stuck with only VGA available, or if you are looking for a way to utilize an unused port on the back of a not-quite-new TV, this cable will get things up and running without fail.