J&D Sports Armband for iPhone 6 Plus Review:

Perfect for working out with the iPhone 6 Plus

J&D Sports Armband for iPhone 6 Plus Review 3Ok, so here’s a little secret. Over the past few years, I’ve gotten pretty lazy. So, much so that I’ve picked up a few extra pounds. Because of this I needed to start working out again but walking and running can be super boring without someone to talk to or without music to help keep you motivated. The problem I was having was trying to take walks around my neighborhood carrying my iPhone 6 Plus. The phone is a monster and I love it, but it can be cumbersome when dragging it around in my pocket while on a run. Thanks to J&D Tech, I was able to have a fix for that problem with their Sports Armband.

J&D Sports Armband for iPhone 6 Plus Review 5Made with neoprene, plastic, and velcro, it is easy to slide your phone into the Sports Armband. It was equally easy to get the armband quickly wrapped around my arm and get moving.

One of the unique things about the Sports Armband from J&D Tech is that they have different colors to choose from. I’m used to only seeing black or maybe grey. I got the purple one because having something bright and colorful that is reflective is a smart move when running on the street. You want to make sure drivers see you.

J&D Sports Armband for iPhone 6 Plus Review 5I use a smart lock for my home so I don’t need to carry keys just my smartphone when leaving the house, but if I did, the armband has a slot designed to hold most style house keys.

This was my first time using an Armband to hold my iPhone. I was very impressed with how it felt. Because of the velcro, I was able to adjust my armband while I was out to my liking. It’s been a very nice experience. I’m glad I own it because now my running has been less hassle with no phone bouncing around my pockets.

For the price, you can’t go wrong with the J&D Armband for iPhone.