J&D Clear Shield iPhone 6 Plus Case:

Slim, soft bumper case provides protection without distracting from style. 

Photo_1When it comes to mobile phone cases, I try to test out as many as I can. Most of the time I go without one because I like the feel and design of my iPhone. When I do use a case, it’s usually a battery case because not only does it protect the phone, but it also has a second purpose by keeping the phone charged. The problem with lots of cases that aren’t battery packs is that they are made bulky thus taking away from the sleek look of the phone. With the J&D Clear Shield I don’t have that problem.

Photo_2The case has a clear back so I can see the gold color of my phone and its natural design. The sides have a blue tint, but are semi-clear so I get some cool coloring to my phone without being intrusive. It’s almost like a bumper case, but nicer. When using the Clear Shield with the iPhone 6 Plus you will notice that all the holes are cut perfectly for the microphone, speakers, camera and mute switch. The sleep/wake, and the volume rockers are covered and are almost flush with the case. You can see and feel them easily but don’t have to worry about them sticking out and getting caught in your pocket. The case fits tightly around the phone and I’ve not had any problems with it slipping off. Although it is a snug fit, it is still very easy to remove when needed.

Photo_5Something that’s different about this slim fit case is that it has a headphone jack plug built into the case. We’ve reviewed a product called the PortPlug in the past thats used to cover the headphone jack to keep dust from entering it. The slim fit case has it’s own plug. I’m not sure if this is there for the same reason as the PortPlug or if it’s designed to help keep the case having a tight fit. Either way its a welcome add on.

One other thing I would like to mention is that because the iPhone 6 Plus has a new camera design, the bezel sticks out away from the back of the phone. This has caused me a problem because I’ve found that depending on how I slide or pick up the iPhone, the cameral bezel has scratched my office desk. With the slim fit bumper I’ve not had that problem because it just sits high enough to keep the cameras bezel from touching the desk.

Photo_4I’ve tried charging my iPhone using the default lightning cable with no problems. I’ve even used a few third party cables to charge, the cutout for the charging area is perfect for that, but unfortunately it’s not wide enough for some docks. This is not a deal breaker because most cases don’t work with docks.

If you’re looking for something to protect the back and sides of your iPhone from scratches while giving you a little bit of color, this is the case you want. I love how tight it fits and nowhere does the rubber slip away from the case. Plus, I still feel like I’m getting to enjoy the design of my iPhone.

You can pickup the SlimFit case from Amazon below.