J&D Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band Review:

The Classic Buckle Watch Band from J&D is a great inexpensive alternative to Apple’s Classic Buckle.

J&D Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band Review 6I’ve been using the J&D watchband now for a few days. It’s very comfortable and fits my wrist well. One thing I had been worried about with third party watchbands was the lugs that connected the band to the Apple Watch. I’m pleased to say while I’ve had just a bit of play in the bottom one, it’s not been noticeable unless I deliberately push on it.

J&D Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band Review 4As for as the leather used for the band, it seems like a strong leather and feels almost like the sport band without the flexibility. I’ve tried rubbing it on things around my house and resting my wrist on my keyboard tray while typing and haven’t had it show any signs of wear yet. The buckle is very strong. The metal is not flimsy whatsoever.

I’ve paid the high price for an Apple Watch band and once I dropped the $149 on the Leather Loop, I decided I would not do it again. The J&D watch band gives you a great alternative at an affordable price.

J&D Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band Review 7

J&D Classic Buckle Apple Watch Band Review 5In the package, you get the Apple Watch band lugs that are already attached to the band and a tool to disassemble the lugs. What’s nice about this is if you have any problems with the leather band itself, you can always remove it from the lugs and pickup any style band you want and attach it with ease.

I have no complaints from my time with the Classic Buckle watchband and can recommend it to anyone looking to buy that style watchband. I have to say, It seems to be a better choice than the Classic Buckle Apple is selling in store just for the price alone.