Jalousier turns your blinds smart.

Have you ever thought about how much time you would save if your entire home was automated? I have and over the past year I’ve been adding gadgets to help complete that dream.  From iOS controlled Garage door openers to iOS controlled doorbells, you can find all sorts of neat devices that are changing the way we do simple tasks at our home. Let me introduce you to Jalousier, the next really cool device I’d love to add into my home.

jalousier-1Jalousier is a young tech start-up from Bulgaria. The product of the same name is the first portable, truly smart device that automates window blinds. The concept behind Jalousier is simple. Window blinds exist to help us adjust the energy use in our homes. They help to regulate room temperature and lighting conditions so that we don’t have to use as much artificial lighting or climate control. Jalousier connects to your blinds to automate their operation so that you can spend time doing other activities. Existing window automation solutions – such as motorized blinds with old-fashioned remotes – are expensive and offer poor functionality. Jalousier will be a fraction of the cost and works automatically to adjust the position of blind slats for the room temperature, lighting conditions, changing weather and the time of day. Jalousier can work as a standalone unit or can be integrated into other home automation systems (Wi-Fi or ZigBee).

“It offers endless possibilities of customization, like syncing your blinds with an alarm clock, shared access with family, and getting a reminder to look outside to see a brilliant moon or even the first snowfall of the year,” states Sergey Vinogradov, the head of the family team.

Jalousier-3At this time, Jalousier is in the prototype stage of development and the founders, Sergey Vinogradov, Dmitry Vinogradov and Ksenia Vinogradov, are seeking to raise $140,000 through an Indigogo campaign. Their pre-order campaign is scheduled to run through March 12, 2014 with the anticipation that they will ship units beginning in October.

Some of the features available with Jalousier include:

  • Built-in WiFi
  • Compatibility with iOS or Android
  • Syncing with alarm clocks to wake you with sun rays
  • Reading gestures from smart phones

As mentioned above, Jalousier will work with iOS or Android and will have free corresponding apps to match. These apps will give the user the option to adjust the settings on the Jalousiers in your home, room-by-room.


The Jalousier team is gearing up for full-scale production, but they need some help to make it happen. Please take a moment to visit Jalousier’s crowd fundrasier on Indigogo (link below). For a limited time, they have an active Launch Day Sale. For an $89 contribution, you will receive a Wi-Fi+ZigBee Jalousier by October 2014. The campaign has set several stretch goals – invest more money and you get more functionality.

Consider giving something to Jalousier. Even if you can only give a few dollars, it will still be appreciated. To see Jalousier in action, be sure to watch the trailer below.


Follow the team via social media and visit their website.

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