Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control – High hopes leads to disappointment

I’m a bit of a prankster. I’ve always been this way. I get a kick out of doing random things to screw with people. I’m not trying to hurt anyone; I just like to goof off. In the past, I’ve used universal remotes for my iPhone to turn off TV’s at stores or restaurants to see people stirring around trying to figure out what’s going on. This is where my pranks become a little mean. Where most pranksters would lay off and laugh about it, I keep on powering down the TV’s until I’m ready to leave the restaurant. I know, I know. I’m a jerk. Hey, I have to find something to entertain myself, right? Needless to say, with the birth of Lightning connector, my old remote that connected to my old 30-pin iPhone, was no longer usable. So, I had to look for another solution for my pranks.

Now that you’ve heard about my mischievous nature, you can understand why I want a small, inconspicuous remote. Let’s talk about why most other people would want a device like this. Besides my underlying reasons, having a remote that plugs into your iPhone’s auxiliary port and does not need to be externally powered can be super useful. I have a Harmony remote that controls most of my home entertainment devices, but that’s for my living room and the remote gets up and walks away sometimes. One thing I don’t misplace, is my iPhone. In fact, I have it with me at all times.

Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW

So, being able to leave a device plugged where it hardly sticks out of the auxiliary port would be the ultimate option as a remote for all my home entertainment needs. Unfortunately, the Jakom i2 lacks the consistency to really be a great device. It is not a device that will make life simpler or allow me to tease people watching there sporting events at restaurants.

Let me start with the good. I love the size of the Jakom i2. It is only the size of a mini jack and it fits right in the microphone jack of my phone. You do have to twist the device once inserted into the headphone port to make sure the connection is solid, but I didn’t really have a problem with it disconnecting at all. The second feature I like is that the sensor gets its power directly from my smart phone. My experience was less than desirable with this product, but it does work, just not consistently across all types of systems.

Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW

My first test was done on my living room entertainment system. As I mentioned above, I have a Harmony remote set-up with these entertainment devices. With the aid of the Jakom i2, I was able to power down my television, but could not control my DVR, and could not get the settings for devices to save in the app. Because I had some issues with my living room entertainment system, I decided to try a single television and DVR in a different room. Connecting that TV was much easier and my settings were saved in the app until the next time I used it.

Even though the device works (just sporadically), there are some other aspects of the product that really pulled it down. It took 18 days to arrive as it was shipping from China via the postal service. Once I received it, the Ziploc bag it was in had a square card with a QR Code for the instructions. This is not to uncommon as I have seen this before, but what I found to be odd is when you scan the QR Code, instead of being taken to a page with instructions, I was required to enter my email address before being given the link to the App Store to download the iOS app needed to use the remote. This was a bit uncomfortable as there is no explanation on why they want it or what they are going to do with it.

Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW

Once you give-up your email and make your way to the App Store, you are presented with an iOS app that is not branded by the makers of the remote, but by some other company. The i2 Remote will work with the iOS app you are sent to, but in my experience testing it out, I had inconsistent results as I mentioned above. Depending on the set-up, the settings may not save in the app. When that happened with me, the app would take me to a semi-blank screen with grayed out text. I was left with no options except to force quit the app and try again. Even when I could get the device to save, the interface was very clunky and not very easy to navigate or use. The buttons aren’t very responsive and it would take someone who really likes to tinker with things like this to enjoy using it.

Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW

Another issue I had with the app is that some of the settings are written in Chinese. This leads me to believe the device would probably be much better in China than here in the U.S. as it was most likely made to be used over there. In addition to the language barrier, there are some very odd settings included. For example, when you go to the Settings menu, there is an option for Devices. If you click on it, you are presented with “Smart Zaza” and “Super Zaza.” I have no clue what a Zaza is let alone a Smart or Super Zaza. When you search Google for Smart Zaza you are presented with lots of random IR Remote info written in, you guessed it, Chinese.

Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW Jakcom i2 Universal Remote Control for Smart Phones REVIEW

So, in my opinion, is this a device you should buy? I’m not sure that I can recommend it at this point because of the inconsistent experiences I had with it. If you’re in the U.S. and use any standard entertainment device, you might have to jump through some hoops to get the Jakom i2 to work. Can it work? Yes, I did get it to work, but wasn’t very happy with the overall experience I had and the inconsistency of the device’s functionality. I’m not bashing this device as I would have loved for it to be my all in one torment device, I mean remote. But, for now, I think it’s heading to the junk drawer.

If you would like to try it for your self you can find it on Amazon via the link below.

For more information, visit jakcom.com.