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Front-Jabra-Stone3While reviewing the Jabra Motion, I mentioned being a big bluetooth fanatic, as you might have read in that article, and I was ecstatic when the great team at Jabra provided us with the Jabra Stone 3 to test and review. After using the business class Jabra Motion for a few weeks, I had a bit of change in store for myself when switching to Jabra’s Stone 3.

First of all, the Motion had the flip down boom mic and the Stone 3 does not. It simply wraps behind the ear in one smooth motion. The Jabra Stone 3 is smaller and lighter then most bluetooth headsets I’ve reviewed. Jabra-Stone3-CaseIt comes with a carrying case that looks like a stone, hence the name. The case doubles as a portable charger – when taken away from it’s USB cable, the case can charge the Stone 3 while on the go.

I’ve been testing the Jabra Stone 3 a bit longer then most review units because I wanted to be able to test it with an iPhone 5S as well as the iPhone 5. I have now used the Stone 3 with iOS 7 on both the iPhone models and found it works flawlessly.

With the Jabra Stone 3, you can answer or reject calls by using your voice. There are spoken set-up instructions, caller ID and battery level warnings. The Jabra Stone 3 also features NFC technology, which is unfortunately not available on the iPhone. The Stone 3 allows users to stream music, podcasts or GPS directions. It has up to 2 hours of talk time with 120 hours of standby time and you can get up to four complete battery recharges inside the carrying case. Plus, it only take 20 minutes for the headset to recharge from the case.

One of the features the Jabra Stone 3 does not include is AVRCP, which means you cannot control music directly from the headset. It does, however, support Bluetooth 3.0 and will auto pair with devices.

The microphone is a dual microphone with Noise Blackout and the speakers have Digital Signal Processing (DSP) that optimizes your voice and suppresses echoes. This is another feature I really appreciate with the Stone 3 because so many headsets I’ve used have disappointed me time and time again with annoying echoes. With the Stone 3, I’ve not experienced echoes of any kind.

Jabra-Stone3-ChargingMy favorite feature from the Stone 3 is that you can pack it away in a pocket very quickly using its charging case. It’s so light if you keep it on you all day it won’t feel like a pocket full of heavy change.

I enjoy using multiple bluetooth devices so while I use the Jabra Motion at my desk while talking to clients, I take the Jabra Stone 3 everywhere I go. With its hard rubber design and beautiful smooth stone charging case, it’s the best way to have a great headset while on the go.

Find more about Jabra Stone3 here. Jabra Stone3

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