Jabra Stealth is a light weight headset with powerful HD sound.

Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to test many bluetooth headsets and I’ve only become a true fan of one manufacturer – Jabra. Jabra has found away to be the one with design after design with that perfect combination of powerful premium sound and comfort with their models of bluetooth headsets. Today I would like to introduce you to the Jabra Stealth.

JabraStealth_3Having a few weeks to try the Stealth, I’ve found it to be not only light weight, but also,like the name suggests, very stealthy. It’s thin, sleek design allows you to wear it without drawing attention to yourself.  But, what makes this headset so much better than other models in its category is the sound quality.When I’m using the Stealth, I hear the person on the other end like my phone is up to my ear. The same is true for the other end of the call too. People can’t tell I’m on a headset. With other headsets I sometimes can tell when I’m using a headset due to the way the caller sounds to me. The Jabra Stealth has this issue fixed in a big way.

Because I’m a bit hard of hearing, I am a little more critical on headsets then I might be with other electronics. That’s just because they have to work better for me then they would for most people. When I am blessed with finding the ones that do work for me, I really take full advantage of the headset.

Weighing in at only 0.28 oz the Stealth has packs a punch. Jabra has including these key benefits:

  • Smartphone voice control button for remote activation of Siri/Google Now
  • Noise blackout dual microphone reduces background noise
  • HD Voice* for high definition  sound quality
  • NFC** for easy pairing
  • Stream music, podcasts or GPS directions
  • Up to 6 hours talk time

JabraStealth_2We are moving into the next generation of headsets and because of that, the Jabra Stealth takes Bluetooth® headsets to the next level. It is the first to incorporate the breakthrough microPOWER battery technology which allows for a significantly smaller design, longer talk time and a better comfort experience.

Jabra has always cared about sound and it shows. The Stealth has the latest in sound enhancement technologies, Noise Blackout™. This reduces background noise from your conversations and together with HD voice crystal clear conversations happen at both ends of calls.

I like to try spending as much time with the headset in my ear before forming to much of an opinion. I don’t want to let something small cloud my judgment and ruin a chance to find the ‘awesome’ in whatever I’m reviewing. I say this because when the Stealth arrived I immediately tried it and because the battery was not fully charged, people on the other end of the call had problems hearing me. This was a quick fix by putting the Jabra Stealth on charge and waiting until it was fully charged to use it.With that said, after a full charge, the Stealth has proven to be one of the better bluetooth headsets I’ve had the privilege to test. Because of how extremely light weight this headset is, I can keep it in my ear all day and never worry about getting a headache. The sound is great for phone calls and podcasts and when it comes to music playback, the highs are great, but the Stealth lacks bass. It’s important to remember that this is not designed to be your dedicated music streaming device so you can’t fault it on this.

JabraStealth_4Something else to mention is that the Stealth has great remote access to Siri and Google Now. You can leave your phone on the desk or in your pocket with just a tap of the dedicated button you can remotely captivate and engage with your smartphone’s smart assistant.

Like other bluetooth headsets the Jabra Stealth has a great app you can use with your headset. If you was to happen to misplace your headset, the ‘find my Jabra feature’ in the Jabra Assist app will locate it. Via the app, you can geographically see where your Jabra Stealth was turned on the last time. For people with iPhones, this is sort of like Find my iPhone with Apple.
Jabra has added different ear hooks and gels in the box and the Stealth has Bluetooth 4.0 so you will get long battery life when synced via your iPhone. The Jabra Stealth has a Talk time of 6 hours of straight use and standby time of 240 hours.

JabraStealth_1Jabra has added different ear hooks and gels in the box, the Stealth has Bluetooth 4.0 so you will get long battery life when synced via your iPhone. The Jabra Stealth has a Talk time of 6 hours of straight use and standby time of 240 hours.

Charging the Stealth is a breeze with the included MicroUSB cable. What’s great about this is if you lose it any 1000mm standard rubber USB to MicroUSB cable for charging and data transfer can be used with it. This is something I’ve acquired plenty of over the years. A lot of other headsets have proprietary cables, but having something universal to charge headsets has become a must for me.

At a price point of just $99.99, the Jabra Stealth has become one of the daily devices I carry with me. If you want to know more on the Stealth from Jabra, you can visit Jabra.com.