motion_rightI received the Jabra Motion in the mail about a week ago and noticed immediately that the Jabra Motion was lighter weight than the other brands I have tried and it looked great. It did not take up much room across my face and it felt so much better than the rest. Beyond that, and what should be the most important part of this review, the Jabra Motion sounded great on both ends of the calls I made.

Something you should know about me, I am a bit of a Bluetooth nerd and a little hard of hearing. So, at any given time, I have about three to five Bluetooth headsets. I see a headset advertised that promises to have the best mic and sound and I am all over it. I currently own two Bluetooth speakerphones for my vehicles – both are by Jabra. Don’t think because I own a few Jabra devices that I’m biased. If Jabra did not make great Bluetooth devices, I would be the first to tell you. Since I’m hard of hearing, having a device that has a great mic and speaker is very important to me.

motion_ClosedWhat I noticed first when adjusting the Motion to my face was that the speaker housing is extendable. I immediately thought, “Why has no one else done this?” As it turns out, the Jabra Motion is the only Bluetooth headset in the market with a height adjustable speaker housing.

The adjustable speaker housing for your ear gel allows you to get the perfect fit. I love the design. Most of the Motion is behind your ear so it is not taking up space on your face nor is it causing you to look like a robot from outer space. I think the foreword thinking here for Jabra’s business class Bluetooth headset allows the owner the best option. Remember, not everyone’s face is the same.

The Jabra Motion has NFC (Near Field Communication) Technology. This makes it easy to connect your smart phone to the headset. You can control the volume by swiping your finger up or down as the Motion uses touch sensitive technology.

You will find a button at the bottom of the boom mic that allows you to connect to your smart phone. If you press the button at the ear, the Motion can tell you how much talk time you have left. It also answers and ends the calls.

Jabra has three convenient variants For you to choose From:

Jabra MOTIONmotion_Back

Combines the most advanced, intelligent technology with unsurpassed comfort and reliable long-lasting battery life, making it your go-to device for seamless communications wherever business takes you!


This variant includes an adaptor (Jabra LINK 360) that when plugged into the USB port of your computer, provides full integration with your Unified Communications (UC) client, including automatic status updates, and Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity for an unprecedented 300 feet of wireless range from the base!


The Jabra MOTION UC+ was specifically designed for professionals on the move. It provides all the capabilities of the regular UC variant plus includes an intelligent desk stand-charger and travel kit.

We only cover the Jabra Motion in the bottom data sheet

Connectivity Motion Sensors Built-in sensors detect movement for intuitive call control features and adjust volume to surrounding noise
Includes NFC* Near Field Communication (NFC) makes for easy pairing with mobile phones, tablets and other Bluetooth® devices
Best Audio Performance A2dP Stream media to the headset
Intelligent volume control Automatically adjusts to environmental noise
Wind noise protection Significantly reduces wind noise
Comfort Custom fit Includes 3 additional ear gels for custom fit
Touch volume control Behind-the-ear touch pad for manual volume adjustment
Touch pad to mute/unmute Dedicated mute/unmute button
Intuitive call control Answer/end calls with voice commands or fold/unfold the microphone boom
Convenience Easy on/off Turn the device on & off by folding/unfolding the microphone boom
Motion Sensors Built-in sensors detect movement for intuitive call control features and adjust volume to surrounding noise
Power nap mode Automatically enters in power nap mode to save battery when not in use
Best in class battery life Up to 7 hrs of talk time and up to 15 days of standby time
Busy light indicator Flashing light on rim of the speaker house indicates in-use

What came in the box

The Jabra Motion came with a wall charger and a car adapter for charging. It also has a short USB cable that plugs into thein-the-Box charger. I saw some reviews where people complained about this. Personally, I hate having to untangle long USB charging cables. Jabra stopped my headache by giving me a small cable I could use on the road. If you need a longer cable, they do not cost much and by making it USB to micro USB, you won’t have to worry too much about losing it.

Another reason I like the USB to micro USB cable option is because I have found other companies that use proprietorial cables that are wired directly into the charger thus making it hard to find a new one without ordering from the company. I enjoy being able to know that my Jabra Motion is plugged in via USB and that if I go out of town, I can pick up a USB cable at a local Best Buy to keep my Motion charged.

The package the Motion came in had an easy access spot for the ear gels – something that most people might not really think about or appreciate. Most Bluetooth headsets lock away the extra ear gels in a smaller box or bag at the bottom of the main box making it a pain to get to when switch them out. Jabra took the time to think about the little things like this by inserting the gels in the side of the box for easy switching.

motion_earNow that we have moved off the box, let’s talk about the gels Jabra made for the Motion. I am a hard person to please and I feel that headsets take a toll on you while using them. The gels in the Jabra Motion have a nice curve to them that fit in your ears nicely. When I did my comparison against other brands, I wore the Jabra Motion the entire work day and most of that evening. I forgot the Motion was in my ear and I did not get a headache wearing it. Other brands give me headaches within the first hour of wearing them.

motion_leftThe boom mic feels sturdy and not like cheap plastic. I love seeing technology made so great in such small items.

Jabra created a wonderful Bluetooth headset for the business professional in the Motion. The stylish look and great sound is enough that you don’t need to be a business professional to want this headset.

I have always liked Jabra products. I think they put lots of thought into making the right type of devices for everyone.

In conclusion, the Jabra Motion is the best headset I’ve worn in a long time. I definitely recommend the Jabra Motion to anybody looking for a Bluetooth headset that they would be wearing throughout the entire workday.

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