Jabra-JOURNEYAnother fun device I received as a Christmas gift this year was the Jabra Journey in-car speakerphone. This was actually a replacement for a speakerphone that was stolen from my car over the summer. I was pleasantly surprised to find it under our Christmas tree. The first thing I noticed was how sleek and slim the design was. The Journey only weighs 92 grams and is only 16mm thick. The visor clip is attached to the speakerphone itself and is strong, but flexible.

Once out of the box, I turned it on and made sure the bluetooth was active on my iPhone 5. It connected automatically and I was instantly able to start using it. I made my first phone call by selecting it on a contact from my phone. The speaker option showed up on the screen with Jabra Journey connected. With the Journey attached to the visor above my head, I began speaking to the person on the other end of the call. I asked how I sounded and was told, “fine.”

I have had problems in the past with speakerphones not having a high enough volume level to hear the call over the road noise that I have in my car. That is not the case with the Journey. The volume goes quite high and the reception is very clear – like talking directly through the phone. This was a very nice revelation.

While the speakerphone is the main reason I need this device, an added bonus is that music can be streamed through the speakerphone. Because the quality of the speaker is so good, it’s a nice addition to the car.

On of my favorite options of the Journey is the auto on/off function. The Journey recognizes when your phone enters the car and powers on.

Jabra Journey also announces who is calling and you have the option of answering or ignoring the call. Another nice feature is the Voice Button, which activates Siri on the iPhone.

I can recommend this device to any iPhone user. It is a great companion for it in the car.