Jabra Elite Sport are most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds

Music is everything. It fuels almost every part of my everyday life. Going without it is like most people going without coffee. It shouldn’t ever happen. Sadly, you can’t always have music with you at all times, so we just have to appreciate it more when we can. Recently I have been trying to work out more because it has come to my attention that I may be a tad bit out of shape. Well, I have several different earbuds and headsets in my arsenal. It didn’t take long to realize that I needed a serious upgrade. Corded earbuds get in the way and get ripped out fairly easily. I have had two different Bluetooth headphones that aren’t cutting it for numerous reason. I need something better and smaller, while still letting me forget that they are there. I needed truly wireless earbuds that could perform.

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds

After much debate and shopping around I came across Jabra’s Elite Sport wireless earbuds. First and foremost, the Elite Sport are truly wireless. The earbuds are totally free of any wires even while charging. This was the feature that was more important than anything else to me, and Jabra delivered in a big way. You charge the earbuds in the included cradle. The cradle not only charges while plugged in, it also charges while on the go. The earbuds give you around 3 hours of life, but you can pop them in the cradle and charge them 2 more full charges, giving you around 9 hours of life-saving music. The cradle is about the size of a small Altoids can, so it can fit in your pockets or gym bag with ease. There are many different size EarWings and EarGels included, meaning everyone will have a comfortable and stable fit. The EarWings keep the whole earbud secure in the ear even during the most intense exercise.

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds

As with most other Bluetooth headsets or earbuds, you have simple controls on the sides of the earbuds as well as the option to use it as a hands-free phone device. What sets the Elite Sport aside from its competitors is that there are two microphones on each earbud that pick up your voice and all other sounds. They do what seems like magic (but isn’t) and cleans up the audio to give your caller a crisp, clean voice. It can also switch between either earbud depending on which has the better audio, so you can keep on with your work out and never worry about outside sounds killing your conversations.

All of the above features make a solid and phenomenal earbud, but Jabra just had to put in so much more. The Elite Sport is made for anyone who is exercising, training, or just out and about. With the Jabra Sport app, you can track just about everything fitness wise. While setting up the app you see prompts that you wouldn’t expect in an earbud. Built into the right earbud is a sensor that reads your heart rate. That’s just cool. Once the app is set up you have a countless multitude of ways to improve your performance using the app. It tells you your performance and grades you on it with a 5 stage performance scale, while still helping you climb that ladder and raise your game. If you are a runner, it has a race time predictor that lets you know how you would finish in a marathon at your current pace. The Recovery Advisor is crucial to knowing when to slow down or test from your workouts. The app provides coaching during the workout. It is like having a personal trainer right there with you, except they won’t try to push kale everything onto you. It will even track the speed you are running on a treadmill due to the TracFit Motion Sensor.

Jabra Elite Sport Earbuds

With Jabra’s Elite Sport I got a lot more than I was bargaining for. I got the sound quality as well a completely wireless solution to my woes. I also got that extra little push to get off of the couch a little bit more often without paying a personal trainer for every workout. This is huge. I guess I can blame my new invigoration for fitness on my love for music.

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