I’ve wanted to review the iZON camera ever since they came out with it. On November 15th, I finally got the chance to use this camera and iPhone app. I was so excited to get my hands on this device. I would almost say I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I’m about to move into a new house and thought utilizing this camera during the move to monitor the old property while moving would be a wise decision. Moving can be a headache and I felt that utilizing this camera during the move would keep my stress level down. This was a great reason for me to purchase the iZON and complete this review. Once I had the camera setup and the Stem app for iPhone running, I was ready to begin testing of the product. I quickly discovered that the iZON had a 17-second delay on video playback. I experienced the delay while on Wi-Fi 20 Meg download and 1.5 Meg upload. I tested my internet connection and tried using the app over 3G, too. The motion sensor function and the automatic recording to YouTube were the two features of the iZON I was most interested in. My thought was that if someone were to break-in to my home while I wasn’t there, the motion sensor would start the camera recording immediately so that a burglar could be caught in the act. That was not even close to the reality of what the iZON did. Once I got a push notification, not only would it have been too late to catch someone breaking-in, but it also took a long time to load the notification. I would then try to click on the video feed and it would take 10 more seconds before switching to the feed. By that time, nothing was in sight of the camera. What I realized was that with the delays (17-second delay on the video streaming and then the 30-second delay on the push notification to the app) anyone that the iZON motion sensor recognized would have more than enough time to escape from the view of the camera. I’ve wanted something like this for a long time and after seeing it was being sold in the Apple Store, I thought this device would be the one I’d want to buy. After this experience, I will have to be more careful of third party products sold at Apple. The iZON was obviously not well-tested before they decided to sell it. It is possible the unit I purchased was defective; I did not attempt to buy a new unit. After hours of testing this device, I was simply too disappointed to try again. I did some additional online research and discovered many others had some of the same issues I experienced. The concept of the iZON is great and the design of the camera is solid, but I don’t trust it as a home security device.