Small adapters make a big impact on old cables

The world is moving to USB-C and it’s great. I love how convenient it is and with everyone adopting to it I feel very soon I’ll never need to remember to carry four different types of cables with me everywhere I go. With that said at some point, you will end up with bunches of old Micro USB cables from older devices. If you’re like me, the stash of extra cables is always handy but I’m not looking forward to purchasing a USB-C cable for everything I need. Fortunately, iXCC has some wonderful adapters that turn Micro USB to USB-C.

The iXCC adapters make it possible for you to connect to your USB Type-C phones, tablets, or even laptops with standard Micro USB cables. The adapters allow for charging, syncing or data transfer. These adapters can support up data transfer up to 480Mbps. The adapters are universally compatible and there is a two-year warranty on them. You don’t need a special app or software to make these work — you just plug and play. And, you can be comfortable using them anywhere because they have a built-in 56KΩ resistor ensures charging and data transferring safe and long lasting.

I’m very glad to have these iXCC adapters because now instead of buying all new cables, I can simply use these adapters and turn any Micro USB cable to a USB-C cable. It also allows me to have that Micro USB cable with me when I need it without taking two cables along. I simply pop this adapter on top of the Micro USB Female and I’m ready to rock and roll.

iXCC Adapters

I will say that these are a tight fit. When I first put them on my cables I found that it seemed hard to slide on and off. I used the adapters to update the firmware in my GoPro Hero 5 Black by using a Micro USB cable and the iXCC adapter. At one point I thought I might have made a mistake because my firmware update got stuck at 66% for about 20 minutes and I thought sure it was the cable and adapter. I thought to myself I just bricked my GoPro but the updating process continued and completed. I don’t know if this extended time for this update was just the update from GoPro taking longer than normal or if it indeed has something to do with the adapter and cable. Either way, it finished and I still have a healthy GoPro.

iXCC Adapters

iXCC allowed me to use cables I would have never used again to charge and update my GoPro and they are rather inexpensive. They will make your old Micro USB cables new again.

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