Case provides protection while adding a touch of style.

I’m not paranoid about my belongings. What I mean by that is I don’t keep plastic on my couches or keep products in their original packaging just to make sure they are in ‘mint’ condition. That said, I do like to keep my things in good condition. One of my devices — my MacBook Pro with Retina Display — tends to go with me everywhere I go so it’s more likely to get scratched or dinged up. The only way to ensure that the computer’s exterior stays in good physical condition is to keep a case on it. iXCC has a really nice Plastic Hard Case for the MacBook Pro that I’ve been fortunate enough to try out.

iXCC Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case for MacBook Pro

The iXCC Plastic Hard Case is specifically designed for the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. This is what ended up really pulling me into the product because I felt if it was made for my laptop, it would be a good fit rather than a re-sized duplicate of another computer’s case. Even though it’s designed for the 13-inch MBP it will not fit the MacBook Air 13″ or the MacBook Pro 13″ without the Retina Display. The case is a high-quality hardshell cover case with a matte finish. This is different from other cases I’ve tried. Other hard cases I’ve tried have a much smoother finish. I prefer the soft matte finish because it looks great and it makes it easier to grip the laptop when you are carrying it outside of a laptop bag. The case also provides rubberized feet so that your computer doesn’t slide around too much. I found that on harder surfaces, the feet grip very well, but if you are on a desk mat, the laptop will move easily across it.

iXCC Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case for MacBook Pro

The packaging of the case is very simple. It’s basically a reclosable Ziploc bag. In addition to the case, iXCC includes a matching keyboard skin. While I’ve never really used a keyboard skin, I like the character it gives the laptop. Even though the coloring adds a touch of ‘something else’ for the laptop, the skin does make the keys a little harder to press down. I think I can easily get used to it, but the first few times I typed with the keyboard skin, my fingers felt like they got a workout from typing with the skin on the keyboard.

iXCC Soft-Touch Plastic Hard Case for MacBook Pro

The case installs easily and none of the ports are covered. One thing that would have been nice is if instructions were included with the case. Installation is pretty self-explanatory, but having a guide for those who have never snapped a case onto a computer, it would have been helpful. One piece of advice I have is to clean/dust off your computer before installing the case. The case itself is lightweight, but when you put it on the MBP it really makes the computer feel much heavier. It’s not as bad as some cases but still seemed to add more weight that was anticipated.

All in all, this is a really nice option for protecting your 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. It protects but adds a nice touch of vibrant style.

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