POPLocks Earbuds by iWerkz provide superior sound and epic style.

POPLocks2I don’t usually like earbuds. For me, it’s a matter of comfort as my ears just can’t tolerate having something stuck in them for any length of time. Therefore, I am extremely picky and am always on the hunt for ones that will be comfortable. The iWerkz POPLocks don’t completely solve this issue, but they are far more comfortable than other earbuds I’ve tried.  They work well and are worthy of consideration.

POPLocks3If I am using earbuds, it means that I already had them with me. I do not deny the huge advantage of having the ability to listen to music or watch videos in private while on the go. For me, a set of earbuds has to work well with my phone first and therefore must also include a mic and audio controls. The iWerkz POPLocks offer both of these options. As far as packing them in my man-purse (even Indiana Johns had a satchel), iWerkz thoughtfully included a small drawstring pouch. Nothing fancy, but appreciated. Three different sizes of silcone tips were included and although I never found nirvana of the elusive “perfect fit”, I think iWerkz has good size choices here. The “gimmick” of the POPLock is a small sliding piece of plastic that adjusts the separation of the earbud cables from each other. This allows the listener to custom-tailor his or her fit as he or she likes. This device is simple, but works well and I can see a bit less likelihood of tangling the cords together because of this innovation.

POPLocks4As far as the looks go, I am no slave to fashion, but I do like the simple bamboo look. iWerkz lists this as Bamboo-style and claims that the headphone ports are “real wood”. No where on their website do I see that this is bamboo or what sort of wood they use. I don’t think this matters a great deal, but since iWerkz makes claims that the “real wood” makes a difference in sound quality, it would be nice to see some detailed specs of the materials used. Another criticism is that it is very hard to determine the left earbud from the right. There is a small “R” on the underside of the right bud, but I would like to see something much more obvious on the back of the bud. A small raised color pip would be the best in my opinion. I will say that the product feels well made, and felt durable during my week of testing.

POPLocks1The real test of a set of headphones, of any type, is how they sound. The iWerkz POPLocks do well. They provide a deep bass sounds, which might be too much for some, but I noticed a good dynamic range listening to the MP3s and AAC files on my phone. When plugged them into the computer however, the earbuds seemed a little muddy in video games. It was hard to discern games sounds from each other. Videos from YouTube and movies sound ok, but with added bass that you might need to compensate for.

Overall, I think iWerks has a solid product. At around $30 USD it neatly checks off the primary needs of most mobile users. They would be a good upgrade from the stock Apple buds and other entry level headphones.

For more information, visit mywerkz.com.