Smart battery with voice prompts offers just a little more than the average power bank.

Portable batteries have become an essential accessory in my life. I almost always run the battery in my phone down throughout the day and I rarely have time to stop for my phone to charge. That’s why I always have one larger capacity battery with me in my purse. I am an especially big fan of batteries that feature built-in cables so that I don’t have to worry about tangled messes in my bags. That being said, most battery packs are structurally the same. They have an input charging port, output charging ports, LED indicator lights, and some have the built-in cables. The iWalk Mini Power Bank has something just a little more – a built-in secretary.

iWALK Mini Power Bank REVIEW

The iWalk Mini Power Bank is a 10,000 mAh battery back that includes both a built-in Lightning cable and Micro USB cable. There is also a Standard USB port for additional charging flexibility. There is also a small slide-out phone stand that comes in quite handy. I’ve used many power banks before that cause me to have to lay my phone on top of it. I much prefer this slide-out tray option. The output cables will charge a tablet such as an iPad Air 2.

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen stats like this before. But, have you see a battery have voice prompts before? This was a feature that truly caught me off guard. The first time I pressed the power button, I was surprised to hear a female voice say, “Hi iWalk. I am your secretary.” I thought that would be the extent of the secretary‘s involvement with my battery, but as it turns out, she chimes in when you plug in a device, too. “Uh, oh. Your device is connected.” And, when you plug it into charge. “Uh, oh. Thanks for charging me, I will be ready in 5 hours.” There are in fact 11 different sounds that the battery will play while you are interacting with it.

The iWalk Mini Power Bank is a very nice, large capacity battery. It is compact and has some valuable features. It comes in a few different color choices to suit your particular taste. I tested it out in two different ways. First, I plugged my iPhone 6 up to it. I had no problems charging it and loved the built-in stand and cable. It made charging very convenient. The second test I did was to charge my Window 10 tablet. It seemed to do just fine but charged slower than the iPhone. I really like the option to charge multiple devices at one time and how small the high capacity battery is. It’s a great option for a battery pack.
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