Awesome case for professional use and protecting the iPad Pro.

Ever since I received my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, I’ve been searching for a great way to carry them both. I want something protective, but not bulky for the iPad Pro case. And, I want something that will keep the Apple Pencil attached, but not too constrictive for easy access to the writing device. This past week, I found the most ideal case design for my problem. The iVapo Slim Fit Folio iPad Pro Case combines a sleek, business-like design with exceptional functionality.

First of all, the case is made to be ultra-slim and lightweight. It only weighs 15.2 ounces and measures 17.78 mm thick, which is only a little over 11 mm thicker than the iPad itself. It’s made from a premium composition of Polyurethane on the exterior and a soft microfiber interior for padding. This combination offers both protection and a perfect texture for gripping the device. This is a big plus in my book since I’m constantly concerned about mobile devices slipping from my hands.

iVapo Slim Fit Folio iPad Pro Case

The iVapo Slim Fit Folio iPad Pro Case features a magnetic closure cover that supports the classic sleep/wake function that Apple has been famous for. The cover also folds up nicely to provide a stand for the iPad Pro to rest on. You can use it as a viewing stand or typing stand depending on your activities. All of the buttons and ports are completely accessible as the case was designed as a compliment to the iPad Pro.

Perhaps one of the best features of the iVapo Slim Fit Folio iPad Pro Case is the pencil holder. There is a built-in Apple Pencil holder on the right-hand side of the case. This makes it very easy to keep your pencil safe and secure while still making it very easily accessible. The PU exterior wraps around the pencil to keep it in place.

iVapo Slim Fit Folio iPad Pro Case REVIEW

In my testing of this case, I found that not only was the iPad Pro fully functional and usable, but I was also able to easily remove the pencil from its resting place and replace it just as easily. The only ‘complaints’ I have of this case are that I can’t use my Cozy pencil cap holder when I store my Apple Pencil with the case and I no longer have access to my Apple Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro. I am willing to sacrifice these modern conveniences though for the ability to keep my iPad safe and portable when I need it most. At around $30, this is one of the more affordable cases I’ve come across and it’s also one of the most sturdy. The iVapo Slim Fit Folio iPad Pro Case is a great investment for anyone with an iPad Pro.