iTunes 11.4 and Swift 1.0 available today.

In addition to their main event today, Apple also released an update to iTunes and the new Swift programming language for iOS and OS X was quietly released behind the scenes. Apple also rolled out the pricing for the aforementioned iCloud Drive. The actual service is still listed as ‘coming soon’ on Apple’s website. The original pricing announced at WWDC has been substantially lowered. I would expect that iCloud Drive will be launched with Yosemite later this fall.


The iTunes update did not include a lot of details except to state that “iTunes 11.4 now supports the ability to sync your favorite music, movies and more to devices with iOS 8.” This is part of Apple’s gearing up to the iOS 8 release.



As for Swift, developers can now build and submit your iOS apps written with the new programming language to the App Store today. Swift for OS X is coming with the OS X Yosemite later this fall. Xcode 6.1 beta is available, which includes the iOS 8 SDK GM seed. For those interested in building apps using Swift, visit