A simple design doesn’t meet the user’s needs.

I typically walk around with my iPhone naked. I don’t like to have a case on it. And when I do have a case on it, it’s because it provides more than one purpose. This past weekend, I was about to leave the house to travel to a conference (Imaging USA) and decided that I should probably put my phone into a case to help protect it. So, I quickly grabbed the Supreme Clear iPhone Case from ITSKINS off my shelf and headed out the door. 

The Supreme Clear iPhone Case is ‘clear but hard.’ It’s considered a Ballistic hardback case and is made with HEXO-TEK Pro 2.0, which delivered a military-grade 3 meters/10-foot drop protection. There is an AirPocket inside the Dupont Impact Gel that pads the drop-protection. There are actually 4 layers of protection including an integrated Air Mattress, frost finish for ultimate grip, Dupont ULTRA ABSORBENT polymer, and the ITSKINS HEXO-TEK PRO 2.0 technology. Even though the case is transparent (‘clear’ is in the name), there are multiple color choices for the bumper border.  


  • Antimicrobial defense
  • Slimmest of the category
  • 3m/10 ft Drop certified
  • Raised Corners Plus
  • Ultra Soft and flex
  • 4 Layer Shock Absorbing Design

Installation is pretty simple. Even though the case is somewhat rigid, I have learned that if you place the side of the phone with the volume buttons into the case first, you can usually fold the case around the rest of the phone’s body. The buttons are covered by case material, but they are still easy to press. The Lighting port is easily accessible and the camera is protected, but unobstructed. 

As much as I like the design of this case and the protective potential it provides, I was disappointed in the grip of it. Even though the feature-set provided on the product’s webpage highlights a ‘frost finish for ultimate grip,’ I found that the case was actually slicker than it is when I have no case on it. There were a couple of times that I pulled my phone out of my pocket and it slipped right out of my hand. I ultimately decided that it was not going to be a good case for the conference I was attending because I thought I would have more chances to drop the phone than normal. 

While the case does seem to have good protective properties, it’s just not the right case for me. I have concerns about the safety of my phone due to the case sliding around so much in my hand and it’s just not enough for me to keep the case on my phone. 

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