Unique dual purpose battery case provides built-in stand for iPhone.

iStand 6 Battery Case Review 3I really like battery cases for phones. I think they add something to the functionality of the mobile device while providing protection. I was very happy when they started being developed because power is one thing you always need when you are actively using a phone. The only issue I’ve ever had with using a battery case is that other mobile accessories don’t always work with them – like stands. So what if a stand was built into a battery case? Such a case exists in the iStand 6.

iStand 6 Battery Case Review 4The iStand 6 is a 3500 mAh battery case that not only recharges your phone, but it also fold out to provide a stand for your phone as well. The case itself is made primarily out of hard plastic. It does offer protection for the phone, but when you are using the stand, the phone is exposed. The battery offers an input of 5V/1A and an output of 5V/1A. It takes about 3.5 hours to completely charge and weighs abut 95grams.

iStand 6 Battery Case Review 5I tested this case for about a week before switching it out for something different. One of the biggest issues I had with it was that you can’t use the stand in landscape mode while charging it. It works very well for portrait mode, which is great while I’m at work, but one of the most popular uses for my phone is watching Netflix. You can only view Netflix in landscape mode. So in the morning, when I’m watching episodes of Charmed, I still had to use a secondary stand for proper angular viewing.

iStand 6 Battery Case Review 6The stand offers sort of an alternative for the landscape viewers out there. You can take your phone completely out of the stand and rest it on the clips that hold the phone in place when it’s installed in iStand. I was never very comfortable using the stand in this fashion, but can understand how it works.

The last thing I want to speak to is the weight. The iPhone 6 itself has a weight of 129 grams, which is only 34 grams more than the iStand. That being said, most battery cases I’ve encountered add at least that much weight to the phone. It is just something that you accept if you are going to use a battery case.

Overall, I really like the concept of the iStand 6. It’s a solid battery charger with a dual purpose. It’s easy to use and makes it so you always have a way to prop your phone up wherever you go.

For more information, visit http://www.esorun.com/istand.

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