Earphones put out disappointing sound.

iSens Cosonic W5 Earphones Review 3Having used Cosonic products before, I expected a solid product. That wasn’t what was in store for me. Out of the gate the earbuds seemed pretty straight forward. As with other earbuds from Cosonic, there is a pretty straightforward design.

Let’s start with the good. The cord is pretty strong and slightly thicker that most other earbuds. I have a tendency to get the cords caught on random things, so this a a win in my book. The actual earbuds aren’t very big, which made them comfortable in my ears. I tried out all of the different rubber pieces that were included. This is something that I really iSens Cosonic W5 Earphones Review 4appreciated considering that I have had problems in the past with earbuds being either to small or to big in my ears and having the option to change them is very helpful. I haven’t been a fan of earbuds that just hang in your ear. It makes using them during activities very hindering. Cosonic thought of this for me in a simple rubber piece that slips over the cord and wraps around the ear comfortably keeping them nice and secure.

iSens Cosonic W5 Earphones Review 5Now let’s get to the bad. I’m not looking for movie theater sound quality from earbuds, but I do want a clear sound. I tried different genres of music to give them a chance, but with each music style I got the same results, a garbled sound quality that sounded like I was listening to music in a roomful of plastic bags being crumpled. Moving past that, I had the left earbud’s plastic casing separate after barely an hour of use. Very frustrating considering that the earbuds themselves were pretty comfortable. Even though they aren’t high end, I would still want a decent sound quality and construction.

I’ll just chalk these earbud’s flaws up to a one off defective set considering I’ve had good experiences with earbuds from Cosonic.