Affordably carry a wallet and phone in one case

Right now, case makers are designing wonderful cases for your beautiful new iPhone X. There are all shapes and sizes being designed and because of this, you’ll have a plethora to choose from. One company that has recently been caught by my radar is iPulse. iPulse makes affordable cases for your iPhone X and they have some solid designs. I have had the pleasure of trying out two of their cases — the Vintage Book Series wallet case and the Italian Full Grain Leather Flip Wallet Case.

About iPulse
Because it was a new company to me, I decided to look into what drives them to design the products they create. On their website, there is a quote — Americans deserve great leather products with reasonable prices. I really appreciate that because there are a lot of cases in the marketplace that aren’t affordable and with leather being both durable and stylish, it feels like a natural companion material for the iPhone X. iPulse combines high-end, full-grain cowhide leather with reliable craftsmanship to create their cases. They are a family-owned business based in Plano, Texas. All the leathers are vegetable tanned and their products are backed by a one-year warranty (defects in materials and workmanship, not the misuse of product).

iPulse iPhone X Leather Wallet Case REVIEW

User Experience
Both the cases I have been trying out from iPulse are wallet style cases. They are both made out of Italian Full Grain Leather according to the website descriptions of the items. Both cases are full coverage folio-style cases and they have two card slots, an ID window pocket, and a cash pocket on the wallet side of the case and a built-in silicone case to house the phone. The interior case does perch in an ‘open’ position for video viewing. The unique feature of these wallet cases and what really makes them stand out from competitors is their magnetic closure. There is a very nice, strong double magnetic flap that keeps the case closed. It’s very secure.

Looking at these cases side-by-side the biggest difference between them is the design work. The Italian Full Grain Leather Flip Wallet Case is a solid color case and it looks like a professional leather case. The other case looks like a leather-bound book. It has a designed spine adorned with red and blue. The leather on the Vintage Book Series wallet case is a little softer to the touch as well. I do want to point out that this design is very similar to the BookBook from Twelve South. The biggest difference is that this case has that magnetic closure.

iPulse iPhone X Leather Wallet Case REVIEW

The iPhone X fits into the TPU cradle of both cases with no issues. This interior cradle is actually a bit of an issue for me because it’s so thin. It’s a flexible silicone and even though that makes it easy to install the iPhone, it doesn’t bode well for impact. The exterior of the case does a good job of overall coverage though so if it’s closed around the phone, it should be well protected. I would just be concerned about if the case falls open and the phone falls on its screen because there isn’t much of a lip on the cradle.

iPulse iPhone X Leather Wallet Case REVIEW

Pricing and Availability
The Vintage Book Series case is priced at $39.98 and is only available in one color. The Italian Full Grain Leather Flip Wallet Case is available in two colors – black and cognac – and is listed for $29.98.

As far as wallet cases go, both of these options from iPulse are decent for the affordable price they are listed for. There are more premium cases with similar styles available, but they aren’t quite as affordable. I do think there is something to be said for the protective qualities of a stouter interior case, which these do not have. I think these are nice cases, but some improvements could be made to make them great.

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