iProtego’s Osculteo is a professional solution for privacy and online reputation management.

Known among the 450 best start-ups worldwide, iProtego, an expert in online identity and reputation, has been chosen to be part of the very selective Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas January from 5th to 8th, 2017. On this occasion and as a world exclusive, iProtego will unveil its brand new solution of “Privacy & online reputation management” on the international level and will set up a subsidiary office in the USA.

Google, Twitter, Facebook…you are always visible online, whether you like it or not. Nowadays your online reputation is an inherent part of your daily life… and becomes crucial for both companies and individuals. With a massive use of social networks, this online reputation, and personal data protection become global issues. Hopefully, it has now become possible to control this in a professional way. As the first platform dedicated to online identity protection, Osculteo is the right solution.

Social networks, mine of personal information
With almost 3 025 billions of internet users around the world : social networks, data sharing, information research, etc., we now count more than 2 millions of Google search, 72 hours of online videos on Youtube, 1.8 millions of likes shared on Facebook, 20 millions of pictures seen on Flickr, 1.4 millions of persons talking through Skype, 278 millions of Tweets sent, 104 000 pictures shared on Snapchat or 571 websites put online in one minute only !

The digital aspect of everyone’s life, individuals or companies, has highly increased and everyone publishes personal information without even realizing it. However, simple access to these personal information enables identities frauds (almost 210000 cases identified in France in 2015), data theft, digital harassment (in particular on minors)… If the internet is not controlled, it can turn into a nightmare for users.

Osculteo.com, an appropriate solution for individuals
Developed by iProtego, Osculteo is the first platform dedicated to privacy and online identity protection. This reliable and industrial monitoring technology, 100% Made in France, protects efficiently the online reputation and privacy. When an online reputation assignment usually amounts to thousand of dollars, Osculteo enables internet users to take back the control of their privacy. Beyond companies, this tool is dedicated to those who care about their private life and wish to manage their online reputation.

The matter of privacy respect and personal data is a mature subject in Europe, the only continent which supervises the « Right to be forgotten ». Even if this right is difficult to put into practice, it establishes the first world step toward the web which gives the power back to the internet users. On a global scale, the big value of data will really count when comes the time to harmonize rules. With Osculteo, it is already possible to act on an individual level.

iProtego at CES in Las Vegas
iProtego has been chosen by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to be part of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the annual world meeting for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. The next edition will be held from January 5th to 8th 2017 in Las Vegas. As a world exclusive, iProtego will unveil its brand new solution of “Privacy & online reputation management” beside the world’s 450 best start-ups.

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