The 95W Universal AC charger is capable of powering your small office.  Keep your laptop, smartphone, tablet and more fully charged and ready when you need them.

As of May 2017, 80% of homes had at least a desktop or laptop, 68% had at least one tablet, and 39% had a streaming media device according to  Interestingly, this same website suggested that 1/3 of homes had three or more smartphones, 1/4 had three or more computers, and 90% of homes had at least one of the above devices.  These numbers continue to expand as tech becomes ever more ubiquitous and affordable.  If you would have asked people a decade ago about modern conveniences, I doubt that they would have thought that by 2017, 18% of homes would have greater than 10 of the above devices (tablet, smartphone, computer, streaming device).   You may ask, “Why do all of these data matter?”  Put simply, we need more power, more outlets, and more infrastructure to support our power-hungry world.

Charging Tips iProductsUS Universal AC Charger
The AC Universal Charging Station, from iProductsUS, arrived in a clean white 5 1/2 inches wide by 5 1/16 inches tall by 1 7/16 inches retail box.  I enjoyed the white coloration but felt that the title and the imaging were a little bland.  Both the front and back panels of the packaging displayed the black U shaped charger in the center and the generic black-bold “AC Universal Charging Station” title across the top.  The lime green “Laptop Charger + 6-Ports USB Charger” subtitle was well placed and added some flair to both the front and back panels.  To your bottom left, iProducts added some informational bullet-points about the product: Wide Voltage Input, Low Interference, Super Compatible, Global General, Mulitple Protection function.  Different from the back panel, you can find a laptop, tablet PC, Cell Phone image toward your right side.  If you rotate the packaging ninety-degrees clockwise, you will find four lime green icons detailing the indicator light, fast charge, multiple protection and intelligent charging.  Both the top and bottom panels were devoid of material.  It can often take confidence to leave a blank space on your packaging, and I have certainly seen companies create designs that were overly busy.  Whether this was a praiseworthy inclusion or a missed opportunity, we each must decide.

Universal AC charging iProductsUSWithin the packaging, you can expect a 3 5/8 inches long by 2 3/4 inches wide by 1 inches thick “U” shaped matte black charger.  The top of the 4.8-ounce plastic charger was artistically beveled and gave the appearance of a vaulted ceiling with crown molding.  Excitedly, the device embodied a sturdy, solid, well-built feel.  There were a total of 6 USB ports along the convex side of the U shaped device, four white and two blue.  In the middle of the charger, you will find a DC port, which will accommodate the 40.5 inches long DC cable.  The idea behind the universal kit was to provide power charging options for a variety of devices.  Find the correct tip that matches your laptop, from the included ten laptop charging tips (including a yellow Lenovo adaptor).  Once you found the correct tip (plugged into your charging terminal), then slide the back end of the tip over the charging cable and then plug the yellow end into the DC port of the charger.    You can then plug in the type A wall plug into the outlet and the other end into the charger.  The included 47.5 inches long power cable and the 40.5 inches long laptop charging cable proved to be very generous and should easily reach from a wall outlet/surge protector to your nightstand or desk. The instruction manual will tell you that you can charge multiple devices at once and utilizes intelligent identification technology to identify the power/current requirements of your devices.  The device has current protection, temperature protection, over-charge protection and short circuit protection.  It promises that power to the device will be shut off if the iProducts charger senses any abnormal levels.

iProductsUS Universal plug system
The included instruction manual did not provide a color coding legend for the USB-A ports, nor were there any USB cables within the packaging.  If interested, iProductsUS does sell lighting and Micro-USB cables through their website and Amazon.  I have not tested these.  To find out more about the product, I navigated to the iProducstUS website and searched for the product.   I discovered that the blue ports did not mean USB 3.0, rather the dual blue USB ports represented a 2.4A max Smart port and the other white ports were only 1A max ports.  The device serves as a brain, to reduce the chances of damaging your computer.  Just recently my wife learned that an AC adaptor for one product does not necessarily work for another product when she broke one of my LED lamps.  This device makes charging your laptop and USB-powered tech essentially foolproof because it thinks.  If the 18V/18.5V/19V/19.5V/20V tips fit, the Universal AC Charger will provide the correct power for your laptop. The website provided a very useful table, detailing the correct tip and laptop brand.  As noted, the ten tips should cover brands like Lenovo, HP, Dell, Sony, Fujitsu, Compaq, Toshiba, etc.

The conveniently portable device can fit into a large cargo pocket or a pocket on a backpack/briefcase.  With a total of 95W of power, I was able to power my Lenovo Thinkpad, my sons iPad Mini 4 and my iPhone X.  To test the blue ports, I plugged a DROK USB C LCD Multimeter into one of the ports and a DROK USB A multimeter into the other port.  Each port registered at 5V without any lightning cable attached.  When I plugged the lightning cables into the iPhone X and iPad Mini 4, each multimeter registered 1.79-2A (~10W each).  This power was more than reasonable and resulted in ~1% charge per minute.  Neither the device nor any of the attachments overheated or felt more than slightly hot to the touch.  I was very pleased with the testing and have enjoyed the ability to use a single charger for my travel business.  I never had more than five devices charging simultaneously throughout my testing and thus did not test the ability to charge seven items. However, the two bigger ports and Thinkpad were charging, and I added a portable Bluetooth speaker and a pair of micro-USB charging headphones to the charger for a subsequent test.  I did not notice any significant drop in voltage or amperage on the DROK USB multimeters throughout any testing.

iProductsUS 95W Universal 6 port charger
If you are looking for a Universal charger that can keep up to 7 devices charging at once, look no further than the iProductsUS Universal Charging Station.  For a sub-$30 device, I would not expect a 95W charging capability.  Additionally, I would not have expected this to weigh under 5 oz and to cover so many brands of products. I was surprised by the product and rated it at 4.5/5 stars, losing points for some poorly worded sections in the instruction manual.  The website did a great job at detailing the tech and providing the needed information.

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